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REHAU system solutions at ISH digital 2021


The polymer specialist will be presenting its innovative solutions for providing buildings with an optimal supply of heat and drinking water at the virtual ISH from 22 to 26 March 2021.

Efficiency on the construction site, comfort and everyday quality of life – that is what underfloor temperature control systems with matching distribution and control technology by REHAU are all about. The new RAUTHERM SPEED plus 2.0 hook-and-loop mat not only allows the pipework to be laid completely freely – at 1.5 mm, it is also flatter than its predecessor and therefore enables an impressive overall height of just 33 mm. The system is further enhanced by the RAUTHERM SPEED HKV-D P polymer manifold that can be simply clicked into place in the manifold cabinet. A specially compatible polymer fixed setpoint controller set is also now available. The RAUTHERM SPEED connector enables the heating pipes to be connected to the single manifold bar quickly and safely. In addition to its attractive design, simple installation and easy operation, the NEA SMART 2.0 control system now also offers future-proof networking and is able to communicate with other KNX-compatible technology used in the building. Due to automatic hydraulic balancing with the BALANCE actuator, there is no need to waste time on complex regulating or readjustment of the underfloor heating.

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The same top quality is also needed for drinking water – that is why REHAU’s RAUTITAN drinking water system is completely lead-free, ensuring a hygienic supply of drinking water. The new 50 mm and 63 mm versions of RAUTITAN stabil now also enable riser mains and floor distributors to be used throughout with the RAUTITAN stabil multi-layer composite pipe system with optimised flow. The RAUTITAN system can be installed safely using the RAUTOOL tools. Thanks to the new Quick Change QC1 expander heads, the pipe will only need to be expanded once from now on – enabling even quicker and permanently watertight connection of the compression sleeve technology.    

REHAU’s RE.GUARD and RE.SOURCE pure water products further strengthen its reputation as a specialist in providing drinking water solutions from entry into the building through to the tapping point. When attached to the main water pipe, the RE.GUARD smart water control system helps to detect even tiny leaks and prevent any water damage. The mains-connected RE.SOURCE tap dispenses safe and hygienic water at the push of a button. The smart tap, now available in chrome and matt as well as in a C-shaped or L-shaped design, dispenses water at different temperature levels and carbonated if desired. The perfect addition to these systems – the RE.FINE water filter by REHAU – creates the perfect solution from a single source for the safe supply of hygienic drinking water, but is so far only available in the southern European market. The Select and Pure versions of this fine filter reliably filter sand, rust or limescale particles out of the drinking water and thereby protect the pipe network from corrosion and incrustation.

When it comes to digital services, REHAU focuses on the added value offered by its wide range of software solutions. RAUCAD provides customers in the field of building technology with a complete package for the effective and safe planning of building services systems, including underfloor temperature control systems and drinking water, heating and sewage pipe networks. With BIM@REHAU, REHAU is a reliable partner for architects, planners and processors so that they can receive optimal support for their BIM projects and benefit from the advantages of BIM as simply as possible. 

Moving forw@rd – REHAU at #ISH digital from 22 to 26 March 2021.

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