REHAU Sustainability Report

Take Two

With our second sustainability report in succession, REHAU is demonstrating its commitment to transparency, now and in the future. Throughout the report, we provide an overview of the areas of corporate strategy, product responsibility, environmental protection, and employees and society. We discuss visionary pilot projects and resource-saving forward-looking technologies, interviews with internal and external experts, and shed light on the innovative training and continuing education opportunities that we provide for our workforce.

Download: Sustainability Report 2013/14 (PDF)

This sustainability report documents the activities of the REHAU Group in the years 2013 and 2014. We are showing our commitment to transparency in this form for the second time following our 2011/2012 report. In keeping with our sustainability standards, we intend to document and analyse our future activities with a sustainability report every two years. The topics and figures we present are based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Our focus is on environmental and social aspects.


Sights set firmly on sustainability

For REHAU, sustainability and environmentally conscious behaviour have been a core part of our company philosophy since the beginning. Sustainability is no mere catch phrase for us, but the basis for our corporate thinking and action as well as the foundation for our growth. Only when our business activity is measured not solely by economic, but also environmental and social criteria will we be successful in the long run – together and in a dialog with our customers, employees and partners. That is our motivation to press ahead with new ideas and to develop innovations.

Although we have achieved a lot in the past, we have got great plans for the future. Our sustainability strategy therefore focuses on four clearly defined core subjects, from which we have derived precisely delineated areas of action. Targets and indicators help to make the elements of our sustainability strategy measurable and to check their success continuously.

Reflecting on our conduct is just as important as looking forward and setting ambitious goals. That is why we release a Group-wide sustainability report every two years. In it we illuminate the aspects of sustainability that most occupy us and what we have achieved so far:

Download: Sustainability Report 2013/14 (PDF)


Our Position

Rainer Schulz and Dr. Stefan Girschik report on partial victories, achieved goals and our plans.


Sustainability and customer service are the foundation of our activities and the focus of our strategy.


With innovative products REHAU meets environmental, economic and social challenges.


Our environmental responsibility? Systematic resource conservation beyond legal provisions.


We value long-term customer and employee relationships and act responsibly.


We have set binding, reviewable targets, where we want to be measured.


In the future, we want to publish our social and environmental indicators during the year.


Nobody can do everything. Neither can we. Thus, we work together with top-class partners.