Working conditions at REHAU

REHAU Working Conditions

Safe and Sound

The safety and health of our employees is a precious asset that we are committed to protecting at
all times. Our employees benefit from uniform guidelines for health and occupational safety. With our accident prevention programme, we have consciously exceeded minimum standards and achieved great successes over recent years. Although we were not able to prevent all accidents in 2014, we remain among the very best in the industry in terms of occupational safety. A new, comprehensive programme is intended to help us become even better. 

Vision Zero – zero accidents and no work-related illnesses. We at REHAU are pursuing this objective together with our employees. To this end, we developed the Safety Culture programme with the slogan “Safety begins in your head” in 2014. The core of the project: we live our safety culture every moment of every day. The aim is to increase our employees’ awareness of potentially unsafe situations and promote a culture of looking out not only for our own safety, but also that of our colleagues. After all, seemingly small issues can often result in major damage – from missing protective equipment and potential trip hazards to damaged tools. We also address the safety of work processes in production meetings and pay closer attention
to potential hazards during regular inspections. We then examine the results of these measures through analysis, monthly management meetings and action plans. We draw conclusions not only from accidents, but also from potential hazards, carry out intensive prevention work and continuously re ne our accident prevention concepts.  

Highest standards with a seal of approval: our administration office in Rehau has been certified according to OHSAS 18001 since 2008, with the certification extended again for 3 years in 2014. The plant for industrial products in Feuchtwangen became the first production location to receive certification in 2013. From 2015 onwards, we plan to have a further plant certified each year in order to make our working environment continuously safer. Our internal safety contests are another helpful instrument in the prevention of accidents. The contests offer our plant locations the opportunity to compete against each other annually, as well as in a ten-year comparison. In 2014, the tool factory in Rehau took the top honours – without accidents and with no downtime. Second and third went to the plants in Bangkok and Winnipeg, Canada. The Safety Award in the long-term competition also went to the tool factory. The ’your safety is valuable to us’ campaign that started in 2015 as part of the Safety Culture programme offers an incentive to promote safety in creative ways. When an employee notices hazard situations, submits an idea for
an improvement and the idea is implemented, a financial bonus is awarded. The campaign thus rewards our employees for their dedication while making an important contribution towards an accident-free working environment. 

Accident frequency

Locations in Germany1.932.131.702.772.84
REHAU locations worldwide3.444.153.824.864.14

(Number of reportable accidents per 1 million working hours with > lost working days)

Further information can be found in our sustainability report on page 39!