Wastewater Drainage - RAUPIANO

RAUPIANO PLUS represents a complete and universal wastewater system for a wide array of applications, from single-family dwellings to large commercial buildings. From our multi-layered Polypropylene pipes promoting superior impact-resistance and sound insulation, to our patented sound dampening solutions, REHAU has designed RAUPIANO PLUS with our customers’ needs in mind.

Quiet and Reliable

Mass-optimized bends

Flow redirection is a critical area in impact noise creation. RAUPIANO PLUS bend fittings feature thickened walls in the sound-critical impact area, substantially reducing the emission of air-borne noise. Additionally, hydraulically optimized inner contours of the branches minimize flow noise.

Patented sound-dampening bracket

The sound-dampening bracket consists of a rubber-lined guiding and fixing clamp, which work together effectively in decoupling vibrations from the drainage stack to the fixing wall. This significantly minimizes structure-borne sound transmission to the installation wall.

Fast Installation

Being substantially lighter than cast-iron pipes, installations are sped up by up to 30%. In addition, by utilising push-fit technology without the need for glued connections, RAUPIANO provides added freedom for future alterations to gradients and alignments, greatly enhancing the ease and speed of installation.

Economical Installation

In construction business, not everything is selected by material price. There are more factors to be considered: manpower cost for installation, system performance, additional measures to design the system, etc. All these factors eventually translate to dollars and cents. And some things cannot be measured by money, like healthy and safety.

RAUPIANO PLUS leads the comparison in savings per household unit

Savings per unitRAUPIANO PLUSCast IronuPVC
Preparation (wall and floor chasing, bracketing, concreting)22.52
Waste pipe installation121.5
Total time (no. of days)34.53.5

1. Installation of a 3-bathroom and 1-kitchen apartment
2. Installation is done by 2 installers with 9 daily working hours

** German Research Guild SSH Munchen 2005 compared to cast-iron pipes

Impact and heat-resistant 

The outstanding impact and heat resistance (hot water up to 90°C, or 95°C for short periods), makes RAUPIANO PLUS an excellent system for trade waste applications. 

Silence at last

Quieter than the ticking of a watch: At just 17 dB(A)* RAUPIANO PLUS comes in significantly below the minimum legal requirement for noise protection in sanitation installations. It even easily fulfils the more stringent VDI 4100 standard.

Durable, reliable and chemical resistant 

The high ring stiffness makes the pipes robust for transport, storage and handling. This simplifies installation and prevents horizontally installed pipes from sagging. Underground installation is no problem due to the exceptional rigidity. The material offers high chemical resistance at pH values between 2 and 12.

Fire protection

Fire protection is not only about making sure nothing burns, but ensuring that lives can be saved in the instance of fire. Fire, smoke and gases must not be allowed to spread to other rooms for a defined resistance period. Above a temperature of 160°C, the special material of REHAU fire collars expand to 18 times its normal volume, completely sealing the pipe, reliably preventing the spread of fire, smoke and gas to adjacent rooms.


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