Water Supply - RAUTITAN

Water Supply with RAUTITAN

RAUTITAN water services system was developed together with industry experts to meet the needs of designers, developers and installers. Using the most advanced compression sleeve jointing technology, RAUTITAN is the most convenient and robust plumbing system which provides the highest standards of hygiene and hydraulic performance.

The strength and flexibility of cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-Xa) pipes used together with a complete range of RAUTITAN MX (DZR Brass) and RAUTITAN PX (polymer PPSU) fittings makes RAUTITAN a superior system for both residential and commercial applications.

The RAUTITAN system is easier to use, faster and more economical while delivering uncompromising security, hygiene and comfort.


Secure. Easier. Faster.

100% permanent leak proof
Additional O-rings or other sealants, which can be weak points over the long-term, are not needed because the pipe itself functions as a sealant

Pressure test up to 150 psi
The RAUTITAN compression sleeve joint is a simple, robust and reliable connection

One pipe for hot and cold
The RAUTITAN system includes a single PN20 pipe for both hot and cold water applications

No welding, no brazing
RAUTITAN's robust 'cold' compression sleeve jointing technology requires no brazing, no welding, no open flames or no welding tools

No scaling 
Due to corrosion and scaling resistant properties, the RAUTITAN system provides the highest standard of hygiene and hydraulic performance, today and in the future

RAUTITAN PX fittings
For sizes 16mm to 40mm, non-threaded RAUTITAN fittings, PPSU (polyphenyl sulphone) and compression sleeves, PVDF (polyvinylidene flouride)

RAUTITAN MX fittings
For sizes 50mm to 63mm high quality Dezincification resistant brass fittings 

>30% lesser joints
RAUTITAN PE-Xa pipes give you the freedom to bend around corners and around existing services to complete the installation

Up to 50% less labour
RAUTITAN's light weight materials and simple jointing process ensure it is a one man job

Install a valve with no threaded connection
RAUTITAN valves are featured with unique REHAU compression sleeve connection joints that can create a permanent seal to our RAUTITAN PEX Pipes

100% seamless connection
Unique PEX/PPR adaptors to avoid using threaded connection between the two systems

*For every use of flexible pipes for domestic water system, 3 points is given if usage ≥ 80% of total pipe length. (For Singapore only)


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