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Providing Convenient and Affordable Solutions

After selecting the best-looking tiles for your new home, smart home-owners would want to complete look with REHAU tile trims. These little touches to your floor and wall finishing makes a big difference to the final look of your prized home.

Every parent wants to provide a safe environment for his/her child. REHAU tile trims provide ergonomic finishing to tight corners that could otherwise be a potential accident prone area for your little ones.

Cleaning up a greasy kitchen could be the worst nightmare for most housewives. REHAU tile trims with coated with a layer of high gloss UV lacquer not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of the profile, it is easy to clean and the material is insert to all common cleaning agent.

Advantages include:

1. Abrasion resistant

REHAU tile trims are extruded with special formulation, they remain scratch-free year after year.

2. Stain resistant

REHAU tile trims can be extruded with special anti-fungicide PVC formulation which gives no chance for mould. The profiles can be treated with high gloss UV lacquer as a protection from common kitchen and bathroom stains.

3. UV stabilised

REHAU UV stabilized tile trims can be used for outdoor. The profile retain its original color and mechanical strength even under harsh outdoor conditions.

4. Fire retardant

REHAU tile trims is extruded with material which does not support combustion. This enhances the fire safety of your precious home.

5. Ease of maintenance

REHAU tile trims are inert to most common household cleaning agent. Cleaning can be done in a breeze.

6. Customised punch design

REHAU provides customized punch design for corporate identification upon request.

7. Tight colour tolerance

REHAU ensures tight color tolerance between different production lots. Our customers are assured of color consistency for all projects.

8. Wide colour choice & surface finish

REHAU tile trims are available in a wide range of colors and in matt as well as high gloss acrylic finish to match various tile finishes


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