REHAU world map shows references worldwide

References reflect the level of performance of a company. REHAU can draw upon a multitude of references carried out in an exemplary manner across the entire world. The building technology business unit has now devised an interactive world map, which will initially include 60 projects around the globe and will continuously grow, in order to visualise this. It can be found at from the 30/07.

This new tool will help the sales offices to convince customers, but also interested parties, of REHAU systems and solutions. This applies, in particular, to new markets, which request references that have been carried out based on specific general conditions such as for example climate or use of the building and can therefore be transferred to specific projects. A concrete example is the INFOSYS reference in India. It demonstrates in an impressive way that subsurface cooling systems also work in regions with high humidity. In this way, it may be possible to convince a customer in a region with similar climatic conditions to also use a REHAU subsurface cooling system. 

Filter functions such as for example according to application, system and building type facilitate the search and allow to display those projects, which are of interest, at the touch of a button. Time-consuming searching is no longer required. In addition to this, a profile with further information about the relevant project and REHAU system used is displayed when a pin is selected on the world map. 

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