Acoustic Line

The Intelligent Sound Absorbing Roller Shutter System

Form meets functionality with the intelligent RAUVOLET acoustic line, a versatile roller shutter system for cabinets, partitions and wall applications. RAUVOLET acoustic line simultaneously tackles three common interior planning issues – acoustic, space and design – for greater design flexibility.

RAUVOLET acoustic line features a special, patented profile geometry with holes along the length of the profile to facilitate the entry of sound waves. The hollow section within contains an acoustic, non-woven fabric which soaks up sound energy and prevents it from re-emerging.

  • RAUVOLET acoustic line 12mm is available in an unlimited range of individual printed designs as well as in all variations of solid colours and metallic silver.


  • Enhance room acoustics by reducing unwanted noise and distractions for optimal occupant comfort.
  • Widen your functional space by up to 30% by eliminating opening space required by traditional swing doors.
  • Stretch your creativity – come see your own design creations come to life on the Acoustic line.