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„Create difference, grow business“

REHAU provides exclusive insights into its innovations for 2020.


Even though we were unable to participate in trade fairs this year, REHAU’s Window Solutions division has countless highlights and innovations to showcase – and it’s now time to share them with customers, partners and prospective clients. How? With a stunning digital tradeshow. Visitors are free to explore the content themselves, but they can also receive exclusive insights by arranging a personal ‘tour’ with a member of the sales team, allowing them to receive in-depth information and have their questions answered.

Ground-breaking innovations

In line with its motto of ‘Create difference, grow business’, REHAU develops ground-breaking innovations on and around windows that add a great deal of value for customers and partners, which they can use for their own benefit. As part of this, REHAU provides answers to the many challenges impacting the industry – such as smart technologies, continuing skills shortages and digitalisation. In addition, REHAU is expanding its product portfolio with clever solutions that go beyond profile systems, firmly establishing itself as an end-to-end system provider. ‘We place a great value on offering more than just product components; we also provide perfectly compatible entire systems from a single source, so our customers don’t need to worry about interfaces,’ says Carsten Heuer, Head of the Window Solutions division and member of REHAU’s Board of Directors. ‘This extends through everything we do, from products to services, through to sustainability.’ A good example of this is the new SYNEGO SLIDE system, an innovative fitting solution for creating sliding storage elements, which now offers additional security solutions thanks to the next generation of REHAU Smart Guard. ‘We pack simple windows with clever add-ons, smart solutions, digital services and sustainable materials so they bring real added value to our partners, which, in turn, lets them tap into new business areas,’ emphasises Carsten Heuer.

Sophisticated system add-ons

REHAU offers its customers reliable, tested systems, with selling points to match. They include the GENEO profile system made from RAU-FIPRO X, which makes extra-large elements a reality, without compromising on top-notch energy efficiency or leaving them at risk of deformation. Or the SYNEGO profile range, which has now been expanded to include an effective slide system in the form of SYNEGO SLIDE. REHAU also strives to provide holistic systems. As a result, the company is now adding an array of bespoke system expansions to its product range, such as the SKYFORCE safety barrier, the new LINEA handle range and a smart fittings solution for folding/sliding components.

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Intelligent solutions

REHAU uses cutting-edge smart technologies to help its customers tap into new growth markets, expanding the functions offered by windows and providing new selling points that really set customers apart from the competition. ‘We provide sophisticated plug and play solutions that make it easier for them to enter the smart home market, ranging from stand-alone solutions to integration into entire systems,’ states Carsten Heuer. In addition to the further development of REHAU Smart Guard, this also encompasses intelligent ventilation and privacy solutions (REHAU Privacy and REHAU Shading). Constructed in a much more compact form and packed with new features, the new Smart Guard 2 is now available for all REHAU window systems and opening types.

Industry innovation for the fitting process

In addition, REHAU is tapping into the topic of digitalisation, providing its customers with new services that can help optimise their processes. This starts with acquiring new customers and extends to after-sales service, as well as planning and fitting. REHAU Connect, Just Smart and our Window ID are three stand-out products in this domain. ‘As pioneers and innovators, we wanted to use REHAU Just Smart to unveil a brand new development for fitting windows and doors. This is our way of combating the growing shortage of specialist workers in the sector and improving quality standards for fitting windows,’ explains Carsten Heuer. This enables partners to save on staff and time during assembly. This allows them to take on additional orders, giving them yet another clear competitive edge.

Leading the way in optimal use of resources

Responsible conduct towards people and the planet is a matter that is growing in importance. Within its Window Solutions division, REHAU has set up all its production and procurement processes along sustainable lines and is a pioneer of this approach in the sector. This success does not come out of nowhere: REHAU has been collecting profile offcuts since 1988, ensuring that they are returned to production. In recent years, the amount of profiles containing recycled material has gradually increased from 25% to 40% since 2014, with this figure anticipated to rise to 50% next year. ‘Our closed circular economy means we are already giving our customers an impetus to integrate this important topic into their core business activities and their sales discussions,’ underscores Carsten Heuer.

REHAU meets its responsibilities to people and the environment, offering sustainable window systems that integrate recycled material so they can be enjoyed by generations to come. The sustainable window profiles marketed under REHAU’s new EcoPuls label save large quantities of CO2 during production compared to traditional ones, as creating recycled material generates 88% fewer emissions. All in all, this enables 97,000 tonnes of CO2 to be saved annually. This corresponds to savings that could be achieved by a forest with around 7,800,000 trees.

Exclusive insights

REHAU will soon be launching its digital tradeshow via so tradespeople can explore all these innovations in depth. Visitors to the tradeshow are free to discover the content themselves, but they can also receive exclusive insights by arranging a personal tour with a member of the sales team. Access an array of videos and documents with just a few clicks. The platform will also be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis.

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