How RAUKANTEX edge Bands Shield Laminates from Moisture in Monsoon?

Monsoon season in India brings with it a unique set of challenges for furniture and interior design. The high humidity and constant exposure to moisture can significantly impact the durability and appearance of furniture, particularly the​​ acrylic laminate sheet. One of the most effective solutions to protect laminate sheets for furniture from moisture damage is the use of high-quality edge bands. RAUKANTEX edge bands, developed using German engineering by REHAU, offers a comprehensive range of options that not only enhances the aesthetics of furniture but also provides protection against moisture. So, if you are looking for the best furniture edge banding tape, continue to read!

Moisture Protection During Monsoons

The primary function of RAUKANTEX edge bands in monsoon conditions is to provide a moisture barrier. Laminates are particularly susceptible to swelling, warping, and delamination when exposed to excessive moisture. RAUKANTEX edge bands form a tight seal around the edges of laminates, preventing water from penetrating the core material. This seal is crucial for maintaining the integrity and longevity of the furniture.

- Seamless Application: RAUKANTEX edge bands can be applied using a traditional primer or as invisible-joint edge bands, ensuring a seamless look and robust protection against moisture ingress.

- Durability: The materials used in RAUKANTEX edge bands, such as PVC and ABS, are inherently resistant to water. This resistance helps prevent the edge bands from deteriorating or peeling away over time, even in high-humidity conditions.

- Protective Film: Some RAUKANTEX edge bands come with a protective film that shields the surface during processing and transportation. This film ensures that the edge bands remain in pristine condition, ready to provide optimal protection once installed.

- Scratch and Fingerprint Resistance: Edge bands like RAUKANTEX elegant matt are not only moisture-resistant but also highly scratch-resistant and water-proof to fingerprints. This combination of features of furniture tape ensures that the furniture remains attractive and durable, even in challenging monsoon conditions.

- Chemical Resistance: RAUKANTEX edge bands offer resistance to various chemicals, which means they can withstand exposure to cleaning agents and other substances that might be used during the monsoon season for maintenance. This chemical resistance helps maintain the edge band's integrity and prevents moisture from seeping through compromised areas.

- Thermal Stability: The edge bands are designed to maintain their adhesive properties even under fluctuating temperatures, which are common during monsoons. This thermal stability ensures that the edge bands do not loosen or peel off, providing continuous protection against moisture.

- Sealant Properties: RAUKANTEX edge bands act as an additional sealant layer for the edges of laminates. This added layer of protection helps to block moisture from reaching the core of the laminate, which is especially crucial in high-humidity environments.

- Enhanced Adhesion: The advanced adhesion technology used in RAUKANTEX edge bands ensures a stronger bond between the edge band and the laminate. This strong adhesion is critical in preventing water ingress during heavy monsoon rains.

- Resistance to Expansion and Contraction: The edge bands are engineered to resist expansion and contraction caused by moisture absorption and temperature changes. This resistance helps to maintain the structural integrity of the furniture, preventing gaps where moisture could enter.

- Ease of Maintenance: RAUKANTEX edge bands are easy to clean and maintain, reducing the likelihood of water accumulation on the edges. Regular cleaning during monsoon helps to keep the furniture dry and prolongs its lifespan.

- UV Resistance: Some RAUKANTEX edge bands offer UV resistance, which protects the colour and finish of the edge band from fading due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can be more intense during the monsoon season.

RAUKANTEX edge bands by REHAU a German brand in India, offer the dual benefit of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of furniture while providing essential protection against moisture during the monsoon season. By choosing the right type of RAUKANTEX edge band, homeowners and designers can ensure that their furniture not only looks stunning but also withstands the challenges posed by high humidity and moisture. Whether opting for solid colours, decorative patterns, or innovative finishes, RAUKANTEX edge bands are a reliable solution for preserving the beauty and durability of laminates in any season.


Q. What materials are edge tapes made of for better moisture resistance?
A. The RAUKANTEX edge bands are made from Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which is high in moisture resistance.

Q. What are the benefits of using PVC edge tapes for laminates in monsoon?
A. Using PVC edge laminate tapes in the monsoon has many advantages, including a longer lifespan due to its extreme resistance to dampness, humidity, and termites.

Q. What thickness of edge tape is best for laminates during the rainy season?
A. The thickness between 0.8mm to 2mm are the best edge tapes in the rainy season.  

Q. Can edge tapes be used on kitchen laminates to prevent moisture damage?
A. Yes, edge tapes can be used in any part of the house. In the kitchen, laminates can help prevent moisture damage, but they are less effective due to the constant water usage in that area.

Q. How long do edge tapes last on laminates in monsoon conditions?
A. If maintained properly, edge tapes can last more than 20 years even in monsoon conditions.

Q. Can edge tapes be used on curved laminate edges?
A. Yes, edge tapes can be used on curved laminate edges too.

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