Solid Surface

The acrylic material for interior design

Solid surface is a non-porous acrylic artificial stone, which only needs minimal maintenance.
Solid surface is trending as a popular product for application in kitchen, bathroom, office, hotel, laboratories and medical facilities. RAUVISIO mineral and mono are converting ideas into reality, giving designers all the liberty to fulfill customised requirements. It is durable, easy to clean and has an elegant appearance with a warm touch.


Environment friendly
Crafted while considering
environmental factors

Lasts longer than usual surfaces

Flexible & adaptable to customer design needs

Acid and dye resistant
Hygienic surface as it is resistant to household acids and dyes

Adhesive dries with seamless finish
It gives surface a smooth appearance

Horizontal and vertical applications
Apply as per convenience

Easy to repair
Minor damages can be easily repaired
due to scratch resistant properties

Wide range of colours

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives