Plumbing & Drainage

Reliably Distributing Water

REHAU is a trusted pipe supplier and plumbing manufacturer that offers the latest developments in water distribution and plumbing. 

All of our pipes are made from high-performance, polypropylene based materials. Our plumbing systems feature a multi-layer construction, which gives them improved pipe rigidity and impact resistance. The inner pipes have an abrasion resistant and low friction inner layer, which increases performance and reduces turbulence. 

Proudly designed in Germany, our systems are strong, reliable and offer enhanced sound insulation. Our pipe systems eliminate excess noise produced by rushing water and are the smart choice for all of your plumbing and drainage system needs. 

Our pipe systems are easy to install - installation is up to 60% faster compared to traditional cooper and socket fusion systems. Cost-effective and convenient, REHAU pipes are durable and minimise maintenance costs.

All of REHAU's water supply systems undergo rigorous quality standards testing and meet international standards. 

A global Supplier

With over 40 years of experience in the global plumbing industry and in collaboration with our industry partners across the globe; installers, designers, builders and developers REHAU developed the RAUTITAN, RAUFUSION and RAUPIANO PLUS systems, for hot and cold water plumbing services and wastewater / rainwater drainage services, respectively. The RAUTITAN and RAUPIANO integrated plumbing systems provide the highest standards in security, reliability, hygiene, comfort and life cycle costs.

With a focus of providing a complete system solution that extends beyond the quality and expert engineering of the product, REHAU provides comprehensive support and service for our project partners. Our services include project design assistance, comprehensive installer training through REHAU authorised installer network, on-site technical support and much more.


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