RAUVISIO crystal decor

RAUVISIO Crystal Decor

Fashionable decorative designs and smart glass

Glass gives furniture an air of elegance and luxury, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living area. Glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal decor board is a real eye-catcher in every room and application - whether as a cabinet door, or in a wardrobe.

With RAUVISIO crystal decor, it is possible to realise trendy designs in glass optics that look like wood or stone, while completely eliminating the disadvantages of real glass.

Vivid, fashionable and decorative designs combined with smart glass, creates a refined depth effect. We take cues from current market trends to offer exclusive surfaces for interior design needs with our range of decorative designs. 

TÜV-tested according to AMK regulations

10x more break-resistant than real glass

Can be processed with conventional wood working tools 

Hygienic surfaces free from chemicals, and is food safe

Extremely resistant to deformation even with applied force

Quick refurbishment for instant use

High scratch resistance due to its hard coat finish

Individual cuts can be made at the building site for customised requirements


RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor
RAUVISIO crystal decor

Decorative design collection

Conglomerato chiaro hochglänzend 1966L

Conglomerato chiaro
High-gloss 1966L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D131 - 12024476

Conglomerato scuro
High-gloss 1967L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D129 - 12022660

Marmo toscana
High-gloss 1968L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D127 - 12022049

Marmo romano
High-gloss 1969L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D130 - 12023869

Marmo bianco
High-gloss 1970L
Balancing sheet: Bianco

F21-D128 - 12022647

Marmo nero
High-gloss 1971L
Balancing sheet: Moro

F21-D126 - 12022036

Legno argentato
High-gloss 1972L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D136 - 12025680

Legno marrone
High-gloss 1973L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D137 - 12025691

Legno antico
High-gloss 1974L
Balancing sheet: Fumo

F21-D133 - 12025640

Legno bruciato
High-gloss 1975L
Balancing sheet: Moro

F21-D134 - 12025655

Legno sbiancato
High-gloss 1976L
Balancing sheet: Sabbia

F21-D135 - 12025668

High-gloss 1977L
Balancing sheet: Fumo


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