Water Supply - REHAU Hybrid


The REHAU Hybrid system combines the key strengths of the PEX and PP-R systems into a comprehensive plumbing system (16-110mm) delivering greater security, higher speed and better flow, at a price that delivers value to contractors and owners alike.

80% of all joints are made with the sizes 16-40mm on most projects, installed in tight or concealed locations where maximum damage can occur in the event of leaks. In the small sizes, socket fusion systems rely heavily on workmanship because of the shorter heating time allows little room for error. RAUTITAN PEX compression sleeve joint is therefore the best fit as it does not require any special skill for jointing and has proven to be 100% leak-proof for over 30 years of installations across the world.

RAUTITAN PEX is more than 60% faster to install than socket fusion or traditional systems such as copper. The flexible coiled PEX pipes and simple mechanical joint allow installers to transport, install and move quickly through any job, with the confidence the system is 100% secure.

Fusion joints, particularly in small dimensions, are susceptible to excess material melting into the flow path; reducing the fitting’s inner bore and causing turbulence. In contrast, the mechanical compression sleeve joint of the RAUTITAN PEX system maintains the same nominal bore for every joint based on the dimension of the inserted fitting. In addition, RAUTITAN PEX systems require >30% lesser fittings to improve.

For sizes >40mm, RAUTITAN DZR fittings are significantly more costly than RAUFUSION socket fusion equivalents and with little or no installation speed advantage. However, due to the larger surface fusion areas and the installations are usually easy access, RAUFUSION fusion joints are equally secure.


  • 100% Permenant leak-proof joint
  • More than 60% faster
  • Better hydraullic performance
  • 2 Systems 1 guarantee


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