Living room

Our hideaway from everyday life – the living room. To protect this haven, REHAU provides an open lamellar structure of room height, made from the material RAUVISIO crystal, enclosing an area of soft, upholstered seating. It is a sheltered space, where you can withdraw and relax. Controllable elements on the edges of the 4.5-metre-high lamellar structure enhance the sense of comfort and ease. RAUKANTEX lite is the name of the lighting profile, which can be programmed individually and – controlled by invisible switches embedded in the surface – used to create evocative atmospheres.

Within the hideaway, a pulsing contour of light sewn along the seams of the cushions generates an ethereal halo effect. A sophisticated light integrated in the ceiling makes this the perfect place to relax, listen to music, or read. It’s the ideal interplay between analogue and digital!

Lamellar structure with interface

Slats with interface
The smart integration of the interface in the surface produces a streamlined look and the freely adjustable lighting strips create a special atmosphere.


Area lighting in the shelves ensures that it is always possible to see clearly into storage spaces.

Illuminated seat cushion

Seat cushions with lighting strip
Deep seating with the pulsating lighting strip ensures optimum relaxation. A place to chill out and recharge.

Reading lamp

Reading lamp
A perfect design match is achieved thanks to the same materials: lamps can also be easily moulded from the RAUVISIO surface range.

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