Hamburg Underground Railway

The number 2 in Germany

The electric Hamburg U-Bahn opened on February 15, 1912, exactly ten years to the day after the opening of the electric overhead and underground railway network in Berlin. Today, the network is responsible for transferring 222 million passengers per year between 91 stations over a network 104 km. Only 44 km of the four lines that constitute the Hamburg U-Bahn are located underground. A typical part of the Hamburg network is the route connecting the city center with the areas in the north and the east.

Our solutions

Power is supplied via a laterally-mounted bottom-contact conductor rail with 750 volts (DC). We have provided around 45 km of cover profiles for this system since 2002.

SiteHamburg, Germany
OperatorHamburger Hochbahn AG (HHA)
Transport associationHamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV)
Products/systemsConductor rail cover systems
Key terms
  • Third rail
  • Conductor rail

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