REHAU health.protect Oberflächen und Kantenbänder

REHAU health.protect surfaces & edgebands – because contact is part of life.

We touch thousands of objects every day of our lives. Whether it is a mobile phone, keyboard, tool or steering wheel – interaction forms an integral part of our day-to-day life including in critical environments such as the healthcare, catering industry or public sector. We touch surfaces that have also been used by other people more than 3 x per hour and we also touch our face as often during the same time. The problem: we absorb 30 - 50 % of those organisms, which have been located on the surface, every time we touch it, including bacteria and viruses.

Surfaces are therefore some of the biggest carriers to spread viruses and bacteria because it is simply human to make contact whether it is conscious or unconscious, direct or indirect. 

The REHAU health.protect portfolio: Edgebands and surfaces

Areas of use

Irrespective of whether it is in a hospital, hotel or restaurant: a lot of people meet in a confined space at all of these locations. You prevent contaminated surfaces with REHAU health.protect and consequently ensure more safety for guests, customers and visitors.

The REHAU protect family

REHAU health.protect solutions form part of the REHAU protect family. Our protect portfolio is dedicated to topic of every aspect of protection – irrespective of whether it is environmental protection, fire protection or health.

Our researchers and developers are working daily on developing solutions to make our day-to-day life a little safer for us. Wholly in line with our corporate motto "Engineering progress. Enhancing lives".

REHAU protect

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Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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