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Create your favourite place – with REHAU innovations 2020.

It’s never been so important for so many people to have their own favourite place. In a year where we have been spending far more time at home than normal, with many parts of our lives shrouded in uncertainty, it’s essential that we feel happy and secure in our homes. This is where design, feel and reliability come into play. These three things can go a long way in creating a feeling of trust and security.

With our new innovations for joiners in 2020, we offer you the chance to provide precisely that for your own customers. In addition, we are also offering lots of new services to make your everyday work much easier: a complete package to make our partnership with craftsmen even stronger.

Simply look around and let yourself be inspired.

Our innovations for 2020

Whether it’s the FLIPDOOR, RAUKANTEX plus, Passion for colour, our edgeband search or antibacterial surfaces and edgebands, our products can help you to create a completely new room design for your customers, saving you both time and effort in production.

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