G13-D010 - 1101864

RAUBOND Hot-melt adhesives

Whether RAUKANTEX edgebands, edgeband service or edgeband tools: REHAU is the perfect partner for your projects. And the best adhesive edgebanding also needs the best adhesive. It is not easy to find the right combination from the variety of edgebanding materials and adhesives. We can help you!

Discover our new hot-melt adhesives for optimal processing on furniture components.
The strong duo for your furniture components: RAUKANTEX & RAUBOND.

Advantages RAUBOND hot melt adhesive:

  • Perfectly matched to our adhesion primer edges
  • Easy to use with any hot melt adhesive machine
  • Strong adhesion
  • Everything from one source: Hotmelt adhesives can be easily supplied with the edgebands ordered 
  • Available in 25 kg bag
  • Colours: White and beige 

G13-D012 - 1101874

Details RAUBOND EVA 111 / 112

  • Highly filled hot melt adhesive 
  • Undemanding processing properties
  • Higher tolerance for deviations in processing temperature 
  • Approx. 250 g/m² application quantity

Density at 20°C [g/cm³]

1,52 +/- 0,03
(Pyknometer, 100 ml)


RAUBOND EVA 111: Beige
RAUBOND EVA 112: White

Viscosity at 200°C [mPas]

75.000 +/- 10.000 (Brookfield)

Working temperature [°C]

190 - 210

Feed rate [m/min]


Softening range [°C]

ca. 90 +/5

Open time at 190°C [s]

ca. 8 +/1 (measured on a 200 μm film)

Details RAUBOND EVA 121 / 122

  • Low-filled hot melt adhesive
  • All-rounder based on EVA with good processability
  • Higher instant adhesion - suitable for BAZ machines, softforming
  • Low application rate with approx. 190g/cm², economical consumption results in thinner and dense joints

Density at 20°C [g/cm³]

1,14 +/- 0,03
(Pyknometer, 100 ml)


RAUBOND EVA 121: Beige
RAUBOND EVA 122: White

Viscosity at 200°C [mPas]

85.000 +/- 13.000 (Brookfield)

Working temperature [°C]

180 - 200

Feed rate [m/min]


Softening range [°C]

ca. 95 +/5

Open time at 190°C [s]

ca. 12 +/1 (measured on a 200 μm film)

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Are you looking for the right edge decor? No problem, use the cost-free RAUKANTEX sample service and order the desired edge pattern.

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