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London Underground

An underground system par excellence

Opened in 1863, the London Underground is the oldest underground system in the world. For over 100 years, it was the longest network in the world with 402 km of lines. Today, that record is held by Shanghai (538 km) followed by Beijing (527 km), putting London in third place. The network’s operator, Transport of London, serves 1.34 billion passengers per year. Waterloo alone – the UK’s busiest railway station – sees 95.1 million passengers passing through each year.

The dense network of routes connects 270 stations in London, the City of London and three neighboring counties. Just 45% of the lines are underground. The trains run on 630 volts (DC) across two conductor rails. This two-rail configuration is intended to prevent stray-current corrosion in the pipes. One +420 V conductor rail is situated next to the rails, while the other -210 V rail is located between the tracks. The conductor rails come into contact with the train current collector from above.

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We have delivered more than 80 km of cover profiles and 600,000 conductor rail carriers for this network so far.

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Transport for London (TfL)

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