Laser edgeband technology at Speedmaster

Interview with Speedmaster: we supplied every order on time

This is a fascinating article about our customer Speedmaster and its experiences using laser technology for edgeband processing.

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Glaslaminat RAUVISIO crystal vario

Ready-to-paint edgebands: now available in the REHAU standard stock range

With over 100,000 different variants in more than 2,200 different colours and designs available from stock, it’s usually no problem to find the perfect edgeband for your board. For anyone who still wants to paint over the polymer edgeband, REHAU also offers a paint-ready version. The specially developed surface of the primer edgebands allows any water-based or solvent-based paint to adhere to it perfectly. The only basic difference between the paint-ready edgeband and the other ABS edgebands in the REHAU standard stock range is its specially developed surface.

The white REHAU paint-ready edgeband is available in a thickness of 0.4, 0.8 and 2 mm and in various dimensions, even up to 104 mm. It also comes either with classic primer on the back or as the invisible joint version. As always, the edgebands can be ordered starting from 1 m. You can use our edgeband search to check availability. 

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Invisible-joint edgeband based on TPU

With the new generation of RAUKANTEX plus, REHAU is redefining its entry-level product for processing edgebands with zero adhesives. The new RAUKANTEX plus, based on TPU, is a top-quality product that meets the most demanding requirements, combined with REHAU’s service packages. The new RAUKANTEX plus is harder, more UV stable and 100% adhesive-free.

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M00-D1333 - 117432


New product line of real wood veneer edgebands added to the standard range.

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The perfect component from REHAU and PFLEIDERER

The perfect component from REHAU and PFLEIDERER

The collaboration between REHAU and Pfleiderer takes collection work to a new level. Décor selection, quality and availability of the elements are coordinated in such a way that the joiner or interior fitter can get his "all-round carefree package".

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O95-D021_CL - 1071644

REHAU noble matt collection: the redefinition of matt

The lifestyle trend collection 2020/21.

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Acibadem Maslak Children's Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey

Acibadem Maslak Children's Hospital in Istanbul

The Finnish furniture manufacturer ISKU Interior plays with open and inviting elements in its interior design.

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Bring a glow to your furniture!

RAUKANTEX lumina edgebandings with light-collecting pigments are the key to this. Now available in the standard range!

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REHAU innovations 2020

Innovations show 2020

Create your favourite place – with REHAU innovations 2020.

Find out more about our innovations – including new edgebands, surface colours and tambour door systems – and take a look into the future with us.

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Creative Design Collection

Creative Design Collection

Design. Creation. Individuality.

One of the strengths of REHAU’s edgeband range is the way it matches your surfaces to produce a totally seamless look. But who says edgebands have to reflect the texture and colour of your surfaces? We believe edging should reflect your creativity, not convention.

That’s why REHAU has added the new Creative Design Collection to our existing premium Stock Collection. It’s your passport to a whole new world of creativity and individuality. From composite materials incorporating metal and glass, to realistic wood effects, illumination and 3D looks, there’s a whole range of new and surprising possibilities for you to explore.

Order your free edgeband samples from the Creative Design Collection now, and find your inspiration!

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The Art of Storage

If you approach storage space creatively, and think about functionality beyond the ordinary, then a piece of furniture suddenly turns into more than just a simple overhead kitchen cabinet. You end up with something completely new: FLIPDOOR. Or as we like to call it: The Art of Storage.

At first glance, the sleek and simple lines of FLIPDOOR are captivating and the invisible track system only adds to its true elegance. Looking good isn’t quite enough, FLIPDOOR offers practicality, from its smooth scissor-like mechanism to space-saving opening and all delivered pre-assembled.

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