Primer edgebands or zero joint edgebands – RAUKANTEX is the right choice!

In furniture production, high demands on design and appearance, coupled with high product quality, play a major role.

The RAUKANTEX product family offers the right edgeband for every customer order, naturally always adapted to the designs and decors of all common board manufacturers.

So whether you are looking for a simple cabinet edging with the classic adhesive edgeband, the optical zero-joint edgeband or the perfect functional zero-joint edgeband: with RAUKANTEX you always make the right decision.

RAUKANTEX product range

High quality for traditional adhesive-based processing with RAUKANTEX pure or flawless zero joints, 100% adhesive-free, with RAUKANTEX plus and pro. RAUKANTEX pro remains the market standard for perfect, durable zero joints, thanks to its tried-and-trusted industrial quality.

Functional edgebands

RAUKANTEX pro - the perfectionist

Edgeband with polymer functional layer

Get perfect, seamless components with the 100% polymer functional layer. 100% colour match. 100% adhesive-free – tried and tested industrial quality.

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistance
■ ■ ■  Ultraviolet resistance
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/hardness
■ ■ ■  Appearance

M00-D1565 - 1071833

Functional layer can be fused seamlessly

RAUKANTEX plus – the beginner

Edgeband with TPU functional layer

A polymer-based, colour-matched functional layer on the rear side gives the components a seamless look. 100% adhesive-free.

■ ■ □  Moisture resistance
■ ■ □  Ultraviolet resistance
■ ■ □  Adhesion/hardness
■ ■ □  Appearance

New generation with TPU base*
M00-D1562 - 1071830

Functional layer with hardly noticeable joint

RAUKANTEX pure – the classic

Primer edgeband

Adhesive is melted before it is applied to the panel or edgeband.

Example: EVA adhesive:

■ □ □  Moisture resistance
■ □ □  Ultraviolet resistance
■ ■ □  Adhesion/hardness
■ □ □  Appearance

Example: PUR adhesive:

■ ■ ■  Moisture resistance
■ □ □  Ultraviolet resistance
■ ■ ■  Adhesion/hardness
■ □ □  Appearance

M00-D1563 - 1071831

Functional layer with a visible joint

Adhesive edgebands


Our cross-industry success story of RAUKANTEX:


Mit der neuen Generation der RAUKANTEX plus definiert REHAU den Einstieg in die klebstofffreie Verarbeitung von Kantenbändern neu.
Denn die neue RAUKANTEX plus auf TPU-Basis verbindet hochwertige Qualität für höchste Ansprüche mit den Servicepaketen von REHAU, wie z. B. "jede Menge, jede Länge" oder auch der 24-Stunden-Lieferung ab Werk. Die neue RAUKANTEX plus ist härter, UV-stabiler und 100 % klebstofffrei.

The new RAUKANTEX plus*.
Your advantages at a glance:

  • 100 % adhesive-free on TPU-basis
  • Optically jointless components
  • Functional layer matching the colour of the decor edge
  • No smearing of the components
  • Better UV-stability, no yellowing
  • Very good adhesion even in commercial hot air systems
  • Very good surface smoothness on NIR systems (even with thin edges)

With all these advantages, the new RAUKANTEX plus is available quickly at an attractive price and also in small quantities from 1 m.

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*Please note the technical information.

One edge for all technologies

You can achieve a zero joint with three different technologies: Laser, Hot-Air or NIR. Both the new RAUKANTEX plus and RAUKANTEX pro are compatible with all three technologies.

Laser technology

In laser processing, a laser activates the functional layer. This melts and bonds permanently with the rough surface of the board. Laser technology is used in many industrial productions due to its high efficiency.

Hot-Air technology

Hot compressed air melts the functional layer in the hot-air process. Both commercial customers and smaller processors appreciate this technology because of the lower investment costs compared to lasers.

NIR technology

With near-infrared technology, thermal energy can be transferred quickly and precisely. The technology is therefore also ideally suited for activating the functional layer on REHAU zero joint edges.




Continuous design management is one of our strengths. Through close cooperation with leading decor printers as well as constant market observations and screening of developments in areas such as design and technology, emerging trends can be identified early and translated into innovative product solutions. You benefit above all from our own design and development expertise, which is reflected in our in-house research centres as well as our own design centre.

Technische Fachberatung

Technical consulting services

We accompany our customers from the initial idea and development, through the phase-out and optimisation, to the final application. Specialists are available to the customers for application-technical advice. We pass on our know-how to our customers and offer the unique service of professional training, online seminars and workshops.
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Geprüfte Bauteilqualität

Tested component quality

The permanent optical and functional connection of board and edgeband with the zero-joint technology creates perfect furniture components. The requirement for longevity and a high-quality appearance without dirt joints, which can be the breeding ground for bacteria.
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When processing edgeband materials, logistics and work preparation often cost more time than the production of the components in the machine. #edgeisdigital and the new App REHAU myEdge offer tools that digitise and accelerate this process while minimising the error rate. Take the step to the Smart Factory!
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