RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt

RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt

More options for your noble matt project

RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt is the perfect companion piece to RAUVISIO noir. Why? Because it offers a smart additional solution for vertical applications in surroundings with less exertion. Perfectly matched in design, with pleasant haptics and high quality – but at a lower price point.

With this option you decide, how to mix and match surfaces in your next project. Without unnecessary compromises.

Key features at a glance

So easy to work with:

  • Can be worked on with standard woodworking tools
  • Up to 60 % cheaper to produce than lacquered components
  • Can be bent and trimmed to fit any design

And great for your customers too:

  • Low light reflectivity even at flat angles
  • Colour-fast and UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Soft touch, anti-fingerprint finish on matt surfaces
  • Can be marked using standard whiteboard markers

Finished co-extruded parts TÜV-tested according to AMK guidelines.

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RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt
RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt
RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt
RAUVISIO brilliant edelmatt

Perfect color match between RAUVISIO noir and RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt

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Available variants

Gaslit Alley_01 - Dummy

Pressed large board

2.800 x 1.300 x 17 mm
2.800 x 1.300 x 19 mm

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