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Cooling towers

Specially developed for use in cooling towers

REHAU has been supplying products for cooling towers and air conditioning systems worldwide for more than 20 years.

We work with the leading cooling tower manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region to deliver products suitable for the humid climatic conditions. We also work with leading air conditioning manufacturers globally to optimise the droplet eliminator by reducing pressure loss and increasing the drift collection.

REHAU drift eliminators are specially developed for use in cooling towers. Their shape and performance data allow collection problems in this area to be solved with high degrees of collection and low pressure loss.

Advantages include:

Minimal drift loss - REHAU drift eliminators minimise water loss by drift to within 0.1% of the circulating waterflow.

Longevity - REHAU specially formulated compound for drift eliminators can sustain difficult climatic environments without losing its rigidity.

Heat resistance - With high heat resistance of up to 70°C, it is ideal for various air conditioning and cooling tower applications/industries.

Splash Fill

The splash fill's primary application is to increase contact surface as well as contact time between air and water, thus providing better heat transfer. The splash fill breaks the hot droplets into smaller fragments, creating a bigger contact surface.

The smaller fragments are easier and faster to cool when in contact with the air flow that enters the cooling tower. Through gravity, the colder droplets will then descend, minimising the possibility of build-up.

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Cooling Tower Accessories

REHAU has developed accessories used in the cooling tower systems. These products are specifically designed as a subsitute to metal to provide a more efficient operation.

Advantages include:

Reduced assembly time - With its low weight, the polymer parts will reduce difficulty in transportation (cost and moveability) and adds to ease of assembly

Corrosion resistance - Polymer does not corrode, saving you not only the spare part costs but also the time and money of down time and maintenance.

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