Casement Windows 60mm

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Product Description

Windows made out of REHAU Prestige-Design S921 are ideal for the requirements of all projects. The 60mm system with 3 chambers offers reliable solutions for windows, which are economical and efficient.

Two sealings protect against dust, wind and rain. The smooth surface and the design of the profiles are ideal for fuss-free maintenance.

A wide range of lamination and co-extruded surfaces fulfill the need for all kind of colours.

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Window Profiles REHAU Prestige Design, S921

Construction Dept:60mm 
Chambers:3 Chambers 
Thermal Insulation:Uf = 1.6W/m2K(EN12412-2)
Sound Insulation:Up to 40dB(AS1191-1985)
Air Tightness:Class 4 
Water Tightness:Class 9 A / E 750 
Glazing Capacity:3mm ~ 36mm 

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