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REHAU Indonesia - A celebration of the advancement of synergy, built on trust for 25 years


Synergize to move forward together, that is the slogan for Rehau Indonesia's 25th anniversary. The motto describes fully about Rehau Indonesia’s strength in diversity as the main key to its progress so far albeit of its winding business journey for the past 25 years. Rehau Indonesia has been established since 1996, whereas at that time Rehau Indonesia only had 1 extruder to produce gaskets in its first factory located at Delta Silicon 1, Lippo Cikarang, West Java. The development of the gasket industry continued to expand until finally, Rehau Indonesia gain trust from the shareholders to expand its business to synthetic rattan with the trade name Raucord in 1999. Raucord also continued to expand its sales overseas and became the only supplier of synthetic rattan for all of Rehau in the world. During the next 10 years since then, Raucord has produced more than a thousand colors with various variants of profile shapes and dimensions such as streaky, pullut and round. With increasing orders and additional production machines, Rehau Indonesia moved its factory to the Hyundai International Industrial Estate, Lippo Cikarang Bekasi, West Java in 2002, which is where we all are today celebrating its birth. The latest development is in 2016, in which Rehau Indonesia started producing Edgeband for the local market which was previously supplied from Rehau factory in Bangkok.

It is undeniable that every company including Rehau Indonesia has faced many challenges during the course of 25 years, especially being one of the market leaders in Indonesia for its product; gaskets and Raucord. There is a saying in Indonesian: “the taller the tree, the stronger the wind will hit it”. The Asian economic crisis in 1998, changed in management and major restructuration and the latest, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all of those we faced with the same spirit of Indonesian’s gotong royong or mutual cooperation, a synergy built on trust. Among the lowest points of Rehau Indonesia, some of them were the closing of the edgeband line to move to Rehau India and also the Raucord lines moving to third party OEM, there have been many changes of personnel in Rehau Indonesia, but we can still quickly adapt to these dynamic changes, building trust and embracing innovation all the way up. Now we have done lots of improvements in our process, initiating numerous savings programs, integrating warehouses and trying to penetrate new business that never before be touched. For example, Rehau Indonesia just launched its first glass tray product at the end of 2020 with its launching ceremony was merged with the 25th-anniversary event. The glass tray for commercial cooling was started by trading then assembling and in the future, production of all the component ourselves, especially the polymer parts.

Synergy only can be done where everybody reduces their departmental ego, instead, we focuses the energy to move forward. From that the 25th-anniversary event center of attention is on how to appreciate other employees talent outside its daily job, building a strong relationship between all personnel and the most important is to have fun. We believe that such a celebration not only can bring synergistic growth stronger but also to remember our past journey while relaxing amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Even though the event conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event goal still can be delivered, while of course following strict health protocol according to the national regulation. We actively checked body temperature while entry and make sure to wear masks every time. We also split the event into three different shifts to avoid the crowd and maintaining physical distancing. Our other sites such as SO Jakarta and WSEMA join the event together via conference call and separate eating-out event in strict health protocol measure.

LSA Awardee - 25 Years - 1081178

The main anniversary event itself started from opening prayers, opening traditional dance of Sundanese the ethnic majority of West Java area and video speeches from the top management such as Mr. Rafael Daum (CEO Rehau AP), Mr. David Herensperger (Rehau SEA SMB Chairman), Mr. Matthias Heilmann (HR Director Rehau AP), Mr. Nugroho P Wicaksono (Country GM IS Rehau Indonesia) and Mr. Giri Utandyo (SOM Rehau Indonesia). Then continue to door prizes, quizzes, games and also the performance from all employees, solo and in a team. The performances ranging from standup comedy, singing, acoustic and dancing. To appreciate our employee even more, the uniform was designed by them through competition, voting for best performances and of course, the long service awards ceremony, Mr. Asep Andi Afriatna and Mr. Boin, the longest serving employee of Rehau Indonesia, 25 years and still counting.

From this event, we believe that we also want to make sure that the progress of Rehau is also tasted by all of the employees so that everybody feels involved and hence they can be reliable enough to work together synergistically to sustain the business. We believe that Rehau core is not only to provide progress to the society but also enhancing the lives of others including our employee, the most important resources of the Rehau Group. We hope that Rehau Indonesia and Rehau as a whole will continue its progress for the next ten, twenty and forever after, continue to always “Engineering progress” while “enhancing lives” of the people in the world.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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