REHAU expands Clip-Flex range

REHAU has expanded its Clip-Flex range with a more compact option which is better suited for duo pipes and house connections.


The 90-150mm heating shroud has all the same benefits as the larger 90-250mm version including up to 22.5° range of motion in all directions which allows contractors a high level of flexibility on site.

As a key part of any district heating network, Clip-Flex was launched by REHAU last year after working with all parts of the industry including designers and contractors to create a shroud that could be relied on. It also facilitates easier installation, optimises heat network performance, and has the potential to deliver cost savings in materials.

T-shaped Large & Small Comparison - 100005559

The shrouds are compatible with all REHAU PE-Xa district heating pipes from 25mm to 160mm, which means it covers all RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX sizes.

Clip-Flex requires 30% less transport and storage volume, while offering up to 20% more room for fittings and installation, allowing a range of fittings to be used, including REHAU’s own FUSAPEX and modular tees. Using FUSAPEX can offer cost savings and improved lead times by using standard shrouds and fittings instead of custom pre-insulated tees.

The UK District Energy Association highly commended the Clip-Flex shroud in their Heat Network Innovation of the Year category in 2023. The judges particularly liked that the shroud could be used by a deskilled workforce as well as improving health and safety by not requiring hot works to heat shrink the shroud.

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