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2021 Kitchen Surface Trends: Creating a Space to Live

Scott Williams, National Sales Manager for REHAU Furniture Solutions division, comments on how demand for interior spaces that work harder is being reflected in 2021 surface trends


Whether people are using their kitchen as a second office, or simply as a retreat from online meetings, we’re seeing more demand for innovative solutions that help create a multi-functional space that can easily evolve depending on requirements. 

Making a statement with bold colours can add depth and excitement to a space. As many grow fatigued by looking at the same four walls every day, there is a move towards taking greater risks when it comes to interior design in the home. 
Black and white are versatile options when it comes to creating a bold aesthetic, as they can be used to create a statement while also offering longevity and a style that will outlive transient trends. However, this doesn’t have to be limited to these two choices, colour schemes based on palettes that bring calming, natural hues into the kitchen can also work well.

Play with Finishes
For kitchens with little natural light, choosing premium surfaces that have a glossy finish helps bounce light around the room to offer a brighter and more open feel. To limit glare and create a harmonious space, we’re seeing more designs that play with finishes to develop a soft and liveable look. For example, pairing high gloss cabinets with a muted matt worktop can help diffuse light to form a multi-dimensional touch, adding an intriguing aesthetic twist and avoiding a clinical feel.
Some high gloss surfaces also offer a cleaner appearance and low maintenance thanks to scratch-resistant technology, making them an ideal solution for those with busy lives.

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Consider Hygiene 
Understandably, there’s been an increase in demand for high levels of hygiene within kitchens. As such, surfaces which are easy to keep clean, such as non-porous options that don’t harbour bacteria, are growing in popularity.  
There is an increasing awareness around wiping down surfaces, emphasising the importance of edgebanding which uses zero-joint technology to prevent the culmination of germs along edges. This provides added peace of mind that a kitchen is a safe zone. 

Add Personality 
The integration of different textures can bring a kitchen to life by adding individuality, bringing focus to certain pieces of furniture in the space. Whether opting for a subtle or daring design, a range of detailed surfaces brought together make a more captivating backdrop. 
During a time when people are less able to express their individuality through their personal style, using the kitchen as a way to promote original taste has become more important. 

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A Modern Take on Tradition
A playful pairing of traditional design and modern furnishings is really coming through this year, maintaining a homely environment that offers a contemporary edge. This can be achieved through the pairing of natural materials in the kitchen, such as stone and wood-effect surfaces. 
Combining raw materials with ultra-modern design provides an innovative aesthetic, as well as the comforting feelings that sturdiness and reliability evoke. Integrating stone or wood-effect surfaces to neutral kitchen designs can work particularly well to bring more character to the space, as well as feeding this through to surrounding open-plan space to create a uniformed visual.

With open-plan living on the rise, it can be easy to fall into the trap of losing focus on the end result. To avoid a jarring look, maintaining consistency in a design is key. Whether this is through the use of a harmonious colour scheme across spaces, or tying together the same surfaces for worktops, frontals and splashbacks, we’re seeing more people appreciate the benefits that a consistent scheme brings. 
If opting for the same material across all surfaces, it’s vital a high-quality option is specified to avoid signs of wear and tear over the years, particularly in high traffic areas. Establishing design foundations in this way will ensure a kitchen continues to look great for years to come. 

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