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Distribution networks

RAUSPEED for the last mile

The sustainable cable duct system

With RAUSPEED, you are gaining planning flexibility and opting for a system that allows you to set up new underground distribution networks (direct bury solutions) or use existing cable ducts (pipe in pipe solutions). You can create a permanently closed system with the pressure-tight, corrosion-resistant range of pipes and fittings. Benefit for you: Maximum continuity of the micro duct network through best of class production tolerances. And: RAUSPEED pipes are calibrated and feature trapezoidal grooving, so an optical fibre cable can be jetted in easily even 20 years down the line. Judged “very good” by Vetter for jetting in capability.

Error-free, fast installation

100% factory tested

Each and every pipe is subjected to a continuity and pressure test. Best in class tolerances ensure that pipes have a uniform outer and inner diameter and wall thickness. Additionally laboratory tests are carried out to guarantee the high quality level.

1-step installation

Appropriate fittings and moulded parts make installations easier and quicker. Our direct bury permanent connectors come with pre-assembled safety clip. Push fit, ready and saving up to 35% of installation time.

Zero connection fault

With RAUSPEED, you will never mix up the individual micro ducts. Each duct is colour-coded and marked with its pipe number right along its length. The translucent material enables you to see immediately if the pipe is fitted with a glass fibre cable or not.

RAUSPEED auf einen Blick

RAUSPEED at a glance

Coordinated from a single source

RAUSPEED and RAUSPEED Inhouse – the system for installation within buildings – are perfectly coordinated with each other. With our one-stop shop, you can get all the components you need from one supplier, from the exchange right up to the desk. Benefit for you: Reduced installation times and no connection errors.

Distribution level

09. RAUSPEED duct bundle
10. RAUSPEED microducts
11. RAUSPEED divisible connector
12. RAUSPEED multiple sealing element
13. RAUSPEED multiple sealing element DN 100/DN 110

House connection

14. RAUSPEED permanent connector and end cap
15. RAUSPEED permanent connector and end cap
16. RAUSPEED branch support
17. RAUSPEED wall entry
18. RAUSPEED sealing element
19. RAUSPEED Inhouse

RAUSPEED micro ducts

Our micro ducts offer the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive system solution with extensive range of fittings and moulded parts
  • Optimised blow-in lengths due to special RTR internal grooving
  • Every metre of pipe is subjected to a continuity and pressure test prior to delivery
  • Cost reduction through pipe in pipe and direct bury solutions
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