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RAUTITAN plumbing & heating (MLCP)

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Building services are the lifeblood of any building, this is why it has never been so important for contractors to arm themselves with a variety of modern heating and plumbing techniques as they can truly impact the cost-effectiveness and durability of a given project.

Our guide advises on some of the incremental changes that can be made with regards to commercial heating and plumbing, in order to reap reward in the future and build on your company’s legacy.

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RAUTITAN: The universal multi layer composite pipe system for drinking water and heating.

RAUTITAN is the number one choice for modern installations with 800,000,000 metres of pipe sold worldwide.

Drinking water

Hygienic, long-lasting reliability and simple installation: The RAUTITAN MLCP system is a trusted solution for drinking water installations worldwide.

Radiator connections

Whether for radiator connections through the floor, the wall or skirting board - RAUTITAN always has the right solution

Smart manifold

A compact, versatile and innovative solution for apartments, flats and houses. 

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Easy installation

Beyond the RAUTITAN MLCP pipe, the jointing system plays a central role. Over 850 million fittings have been installed worldwide, our jointing system consist of only two components; a compression sleeve and fitting.


  • Fast and easy to install
  • No hot works on site, no mess
  • 10 year comprehensive warranty
  • No O-ring
  • Installation is immediately able to handle pressure loads
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Make a connection in 3 steps

No need for deburring or calibrating, even before the pressure test, a simple visual inspection is enough to verify a proper connection. Our RAUTOOL range helps make installation easier.

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Jointing technology: expand pipe

1. Expand the pipe

Jointing technology: Insert fitting

2. Insert the fitting

Jointing technology: Apply compression sleeve

3. Apply compression sleeve

Hygienic drinking water technology

Safe, high-quality water is our most important resource. That quality cannot be compromised by faulty installations in buildings. Ensuring water quality down to the last tapping point therefore requires the greatest care - from planning to implementation in accordance with hygiene standards.

Time for a new installation:

RAUTITAN multi layer composite pipe (MLCP) is designed for intelligent pipe routings, such as pass-through points and ring pipe solutions. If individual tapping points or even complete pipe sections are out of use for temporary or long periods of time, the water will keep flowing for effective prevention of microbial contamination such as Legionella bacteria.

Hygienic technology:

RAUTITAN's MLCP smooth surfaces prevent deposits in the pipe. The inner contours of the fittings are hydraulically optimised and exhibit very low pressure loss.

All materials are subject to stringent inspections and are WRAS certified for use with drinking water.

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Did you know?

Germ-free. Verified by the Fraunhofer Institute:

The high impermeability of the fitting effectively prevents microbial contamination. RAUTITAN has been certified cavity free in the joint area.





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