Ground-to-air Heat Exchanger

AWADUKT THERMO ground-air heat exchanger

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a natural climate!

We offer you the ideal solution for a mechanical ventilation system in your home, letting you enjoy the health, sustainabilty and economic benefits.  A mechanical ventilation system allows a natural air exchange to take place in the room, providing fresh air without opening a window, thereby reducing your energy costs.  Ventilation systems are not only used in low energy homes or passive houses, they are widely accessible.


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Adventages in summer

  • Increased comfort through having cooled air, but with no additional operating costs
  • Cooled incoming air, to prevent the building overheating in high summer
  • Improved room air quality due to de-humidification of the air supply
  • Ability to filter the air from allergens
  • Reduction in noise from not having windows open
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Advantages in winter

  • Ground-air heat exchanger and heat recovery unit achieve high efficiency warming of incoming air
  • Ventilation unit is prevented from freezing, no add operating cost
  • No de-icing function in the ventilation unit required and year-round operation possible
  • Non-reliance on fossil fuels through the use of renewable energy
  • Clean air during 'flu season'

Additional Benefits

A mechanical ventilation system can be configured even more efficiently, when a ground-air heat exchanger is enabled.  A pipe system, installed in the ground, uses the natural temperature of the ground to pre-warm the air in winter, or cool it in summer, thereby saving additional heating and cooling costs!

REHAU has optimised this system and developed a ground-air heat exchanger that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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AWADUKT Thermo is available in different configurations, to suit your requirements.

Every construction project is unique.  Take advantage of our know-how, gained over many years, in the field of planning and carrying out ground-air heat exchanger site projects. We can advise you extensively on all the important aspects of investment, cost, commissioning, ground preparation and much more.

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