RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate

RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate

Glass lends furniture a sense of elegance and luxury, making it an eye-catching feature of any design. RAUVISIO crystal looks just as beautiful as glass, but boasts a number of advantages: It is less brittle and much lighter than real glass, as well as being scratch-resistant and exceptionally easy to work. It can be accurately cut to size with normal woodworking tools, with no breakages and no waste. RAUVISIO crystal is pliable, can easily be milled or inlaid, and fitting backlights is a simple job, too.

Thicker sheets can be used for front panels, whilst thinner sheets are ideal for recesses or wall panels. A wide range of designs are available in matt or high-gloss, polymer mirrors and optional magnetic surfaces. Whether you’re working on a kitchen, bathroom, living room or shop, RAUVISIO crystal gives you incredible design freedom, allowing you to take modern interiors to the next level.

With the REHAU surface configurator, you can configure and order made-to-measure, invisible joint RAUVISIO crystal panels quickly and easily – with no minimum order.

Key features 

So easy to work with:

  • Can be worked on with standard woodworking tools
  • 50% lighter than real glass
  • 10 x less brittle than real glass
  • 20% less waste compared to real glass

Great for your customers too:

  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Soft touch, anti-fingerprint finish on matt surfaces
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be marked with whiteboard markers (high-gloss surfaces) or chalk (matt surfaces)
  • Individual colour matching, even for small orders

Finished co-extruded parts TÜV-tested according to AMK guidelines.

Förderung nachhaltiger Waldwirtschaft

Sustainability guaranteed

Every stage of the supply chain for our RAUVISIO surfaces is fully compliant with PEFC’s requirements for sustainable forestry – from the forest all the way through to the point we dispatch our pressed wood panels and components to customers.

Image gallery

RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate
RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate
RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate
M00-D1141_CL - 87001
RAUVISIO crystal – Glass laminate
dsc_262 - 108326

Decorative design collection

RAUVISIO crystal uni and mirror

Farbe Bianco

high-gloss V2778
matt 1696L

Farbe Nebbia

high-gloss 1910L
matt 1911L

Farbe Fumo

high-gloss 1686L
matt 1702L

Farbe Zuccero metallic

Zuccero metallic
high-gloss 1923L

Farbe Perla

high-gloss V2892
matt 1697L

Farbe Magnolia

high-gloss 73703
matt 1698L

Farbe Sabbia

high-gloss 1687L
matt 1703L


high-gloss 2107L
matt 2109L


high-gloss 2106L
matt 2108L

Farbe Piano

high-gloss 2015L
matt 2016L

Farbe Mirror

high-gloss 1721L

Farbe Menta

high-gloss 1684L
matt 1700L

M00-D1306 - 97348

high-gloss 2405L
matt 2406L

M00-D1302 - 97344

high-gloss 2407L
matt 2408L

M00-D1301 - 97343

high-gloss 2409L
matt 2410L

RAUVISIO crystal decor

Conglomerato chiaro

Conglomerato chiaro
high-gloss 1966L
matt 2059L

Conglomerato scuro

Conglomerato scuro
high-gloss 1967L
matt 2060L

Marmo toscana

Marmo toscana
high-gloss 1968L
matt 2061L

Marmo romano

Marmo romano
high-gloss 1969L
matt 2062L

Marmo bianco

Marmo bianco
high-gloss 1970L
matt 2063L

Marmo nero

Marmo nero
high-gloss 1971L
matt 2064L

Legno argentato

Legno argentato
high-gloss 1972L
matt 2065L

Legno marrone

Legno marrone
high-gloss 1973L
matt 2066L

Legno antico

Legno antico
high-gloss 1974L
matt 2067L

Legno bruciato

Legno bruciato
high-gloss 1975L
matt 2068L

Legno sbiancato

Legno sbiancato
high-gloss 1976L
matt 2069L


high-gloss 1977L
matt 2070L

Note: We have made every effort to show the colours and designs as accurately as web processes will allow. However, we cannot guarantee an exact colour/design match to that of the actual products, and the colours/designs shown here should not be relied on as such. We recommend that you discuss colour/design samples with your local REHAU installer or request a sample at enquiries@rehau.com.

The range – pressed components

F20-D002_01_486132_0 - 486132

Large pressed board (2,800 x 1,300 x 19 mm)

Large pressed board consisting of glass laminate, MDF board and colour matched balancing sheet

F20-D047_555539_0 - 555539

Thin glass panel (2,800 x 1,300 x 4 mm)

4.0 mm thick composite product, made by pressing glass laminate directly onto a colour matched balancing sheet

F20-D046 - 82196

With the REHAU surface configurator, you’re just a few clicks away from the perfect made-to-measure panel – and there’s no minimum order!


RAUVISIO crystal mirror

Unleash your creativity with the RAUVISIO crystal mirror from REHAU – the perfect mirror for every application. It can be bent, milled or inlaid to give you even more design freedom. The grooves on the reverse can also be backlit to create fascinating light effects.


2440 x 1220 x 19mm
2440 x 1220 x 4mm

Minimum order: 5 sheets


RAUVISIO crystal magnetic

All RAUVISIO crystal decorative designs (solid colours and patterns) can be magnetised on request. Magnetising the surface has no effect on the intrinsic properties of your RAUVISIO crystal surface, so you still get all the quality and features you would expect from REHAU. The use of neodymium magnets is required.


2800 x 1250 x 19.5mm
2800 x 1250 x 4.2mm

Minimum order: 5 sheets (colours can be mixed per sheet)


RAUVISIO crystal vario

With RAUVISIO crystal vario, anything is possible. From mustard yellow to moss green or rust red; whether on their own or in combination with our standard colours, we’ve got everything you need for your perfect look. We can create the exact colour you need (e.g. based on RAL shades) in a high-gloss or matt finish, even in small quantities. Whatever you choose, from a thin glass panel to a large board, you’ll still get the same outstanding RAUVISIO crystal surface, complete with its outstanding depth effect.


2800 x 1010 x 19mm
2800 x 1010 x 4mm

Minimum order: 20 sheets


RAUVOLET crystal-line

REHAU has developed a range of tambour doors specifically for use with RAUVISIO crystal surfaces, so you can create a perfectly integrated design. The RAUVOLET crystal range combines top quality design with clever storage solutions. However you choose to furnish your room, it’s a perfect match for your front panels too.

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Surface configurator

Configure made-to-measure front panels in no more than eight steps – with no minimum order number.
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