Red Dot Winner 2021

RAUVISIO noir Schichtstoff

Red Dot Winner 2021


Timeless elegance

RAUVISIO noir monotonic matte surface blends elegance and craftsmanship with the modern contours of cosmopolitan life. Forged in the design capital of the world, Italy, RAUVISIO noir has been meticulously curated to reflect ageless traveled elegance.

Deep coal, crisp white and muted sea and emerald tones transport your imagination and senses. Take a stroll down a gas-lit boardwalk; lose yourself in the ambiance of an after dark candle lit dinner. Inspired by the colors of the cinematic world, choose the line identified to be the soul and elegance of modern spaces - embrace RAUVISIO noir. 

RAUVISIO noir with its robust HPL surface is a versatile material with a noble matt finish and velvety soft surface, which is excellently suited for the mecha­nically highly stressed horizontal use as e.g. worktop in the kitchen or as counter in a shop.

RAUVISIO noir is the ideal companion to RAUVISIO brilliant matt. RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt is a cost-effective alternative for vertical applications. Thanks to the perfect colour match, you decide which material you want to use in which position – without compromising on look and feel.

Benefits at a glance

Easy to clean & anti-bacterial

Low light reflectivity even at flat angels

Anti-fingerprint & Soft Touch

High scratch & micro-scratch resistance

High water & heat resistance

High impact resistance

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The range at a glance – pressed components

RAUVISIO noir Varianten

Pressed large format MDF board

2.800 x 1.300 x 19 mm

Pressed chipboard

2.800 x 1.300 x 19 mm

RAUVISIO noir Laminat


2.800 x 1.300 x 0,9 mm

RAUVISIO noir im Oberflächenkonfigurator

Available soon

With the REHAU surface configurator, you’re just a few clicks away from the perfect made-to-measure panel – and there’s no minimum order!


RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt

RAUVISIO noir is in design association with the acrylic laminate RAUVISIO brilliant noble matt. The two materials harmonise excellently and with the 8 colours there is a perfectly matched colour combination.

RAUVOLET edelmatt Schrankrollladen

RAUVOLET noble matt

REHAU has developed the matching roller shutter for the perfect design combination. The RAUVOLET edelmatt combines elegant design with clever storage space and thus blends seamlessly with the fronts and worktops in the room situation.

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