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When Dundee-based developer Discovery Homes was searching for a flexible and easy to install pipework solution to increase the quality and speed of its off-site constructed properties, REHAU’s RAUTITAN was the innovation it had been waiting for. 

Discovery Homes is a family-owned house builder and developer established in 1989 by Grant and Linda White, to deliver quality, affordable housing in Dundee. In recent years Discovery Homes has focused its efforts on off-site construction, engineering and building its properties in a controlled factory environment using the finest materials, before transporting them to site and assembling them in less than a day. 

Discovery Homes’ pre-fabricated approach includes the plumbing and heating pipework for each of their properties, which is all pre-plumbed in the factory and simply connected up on site. Initially, the developer used copper for the heating and plumbing pipework but this was very labour intensive, so when REHAU launched its RAUTITAN universal pipework solution in the UK, Discovery Homes was keen to give it a try. 

Grant said: “I first heard about RAUTITAN some time ago, but back then it was only available in Germany. So when I found out in was being launched in the UK, I said to REHAU that I wanted a sample as soon as it became available. And I’m so glad I did because its revolutionised the way we do our pipework. I would never use copper again.” 

RAUTITAN can be used for both drinking water and heating systems, and because its made from flexible and light PE-Xa polymer, it is easy to install as well as being corrosion resistant. It is also available in pre-insulated options. 

Grant continues: “The RAUTITAN Stabil comes in a coil, so our installers simply pull off the amount they need, bend it and fit it. There’s no hot work and sections can be easily joined together using REHAU’s EVERLOC joints.” 

RAUTITAN uses a compression sleeve jointing system to produce a permanently sealed joint without O-rings, even at temperatures as low as -10°C. Using the specialist RAUTOOL device, installers simply expand the pipe end, insert the fitting and apply the compression sleeve.  

Grant said: “We invested in the RAUTOOL hand gun for the compression joints, which makes the process very quick and hassle free for our onsite installers. And we know they are guaranteed not to leak so its peace of mind for us that the quality of the plumbing in our properties is exceptionally high.” 

RAUTITAN is fully certified as hygienic for drinking water, with a smooth inner surface which prevents deposits from forming in the pipe. The compression joint fittings mean the pipework is cavity-free, eliminating the risk of microbial contamination too. RAUTITAN is also suitable for domestic heating and can be used for installations through the floor, skirting board or wall. 

The RAUTITAN range includes a selection of pipe sizes, fittings and accessories, including compact stainless steel heating pipe manifolds, making it a flexible solution for a variety of different applications.

Grant concludes: “Having one pipe which does everything is cost effective and efficient on site, and as its so quick to assemble, RAUTITAN is the ideal choice to match the pace of our builds. It is also superior quality and comes with a long warranty, for extra assurance that our customers have pipework that will last and not cause them any unexpected headaches.” 

So far, Discovery Homes has used RAUTITAN for 6 3-bed detached homes on the Strathmore Avenue development on the northside of the Dundee Law, and for 7 3-bed detached properties in the popular Maryfield district of the city. As well as supplying the RAUTITAN pipework, REHAU was also on hand to assist with the design drawings for the Discovery heating systems, as part of its service. 

Drew Clough, Product Manager at REHAU, said: “We have applied more than 50 years’ experience in polymer production to bring the RAUTITAN to market in the UK, and Discovery Homes is certainly showcasing for us why it’s such a great alternative to traditional copper pipework. The speed and ease of installation is perfect for the developer’s offsite construction methodology, but RAUTITAN can be equally as successfully applied for any installation where installers are looking to reduce the time and hassle of fitting pipework."

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