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Bathroom surfaces

RAUVISIO crystal – the smart surface for bathrooms

Feed your creativity with RAUVISIO crystal bathroom surfaces, by using the same material for your shower wall, cabinet doors and splash-backs you can create a stylish and luxurious bathroom.  A superior design solution that will stand the test of time, so you can unwind and relax with peace of mind.

One bathroom + RAUVISIO crystal = endless possibilities! 

Key benefits

Our smart glass delivers impressive, ingenious benefits in day-to-day use:

High quality finish

RAUVISIO crystal panels are designed using a clear lacquer that sits over the colour, giving you a high quality finish that radiates the depth of colour and unlike real glass is less prone to misting up.


In everyday use RAUVISIO crystal is highly scratch-resistant, even after many years of use the surface remains as flawless as it was on the first day.

Hygienically clean

Real glass surfaces can collect dirt in the grooves, but the lacquered surface of RAUVISIO crystal is seamless keeping your bathroom surfaces free of germs.

Easy to clean

RAUVISIO crystal bathroom surfaces are coated with a lacquer to stop them attracting dirt and can be easily cleaned using just water and a microfibre cloth.

Writeable surface

The surface, which is also available in a magnetic version, can be written on with whiteboard markers. So you can use it to leave everyday notes and messages for your family.

Resistant to warping

The blanced make up of the RAUVISIO crystal panels means they retain their strength and won't warp over time.

Guaranteed sustainability

Guaranteed sustainability

Our RAUVISIO panels are pressed from wood and fulfil PEFC criteria for a sustainable forest products supply chain.

RAUVISIO crystal gallery

Get inspired with RAUVISIO surfaces for your bathroom.

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