What is REHAU Connect?

REHAU is driven to enhance the lives of people by developing innovative solutions. We want to be the best with our customer relationships and have developed REHAU Connect to make life easier for our customers and partners. REHAU Connect creates a project platform that supports installer planning, selling and creating the perfect quotation for the fabricator. The platform follows the whole process from start to finish and provides an overview for all involved.

Our Customer Feedback

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“Since using REHAU Connect regularly we have measured that we are getting more efficient. The 3D configurator is brilliant for a professional sales talk and the house owner is delighted.”

Kevin Byrne, Caledonia Doors

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“REHAU Connect saves time especially for creating end consumer quotes. Earlier I needed about two hours to create an end consumer quote. Now it is just two clicks and adding the prices.”

Michelle Grubb, Busby Glass

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“Thanks to REHAU Connect, we save at least 27 sheets of paper on every single window project. That saves us money and makes our company a bit more sustainable every day.”

Jim McKeown, Southside Windows

Product highlights

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NEW: Our 3D Visualizer

REHAU Connect offers a 3D visual of your windows which you can rotate and turn in all directions. This new view gives a realistic visual of their new windows, and offers potential upselling opportunities. 
Better presentation – Better sales pitch

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Branded Homeowner Quote

You never get a second chance to make a first impression - do it in style with the homeowner quote from REHAU Connect. The homeowner quote allows you to add your own logo alongside the details of the configured window including a technical drawing and your individual prices.
Better quotes – Better business

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Project Overview

REHAU Connect provides fabricators with a complete overview of all requests. Take the first step towards paperless with environmentally friendly project management and never miss a deadline again. 
Less paper – Happy planet

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Quotation request

No more handwritten notes on scraps of paper or poorly understandable telephone orders with a high risk of misunderstandings! With REHAU Connect quotation requests, all information is transferred and safely stored online.
Better quotation request - Better quotation

Installer Products & Pricing

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Get in touch with us and we will arrange for your local REHAU Sales Manager to guide you through the process of REHAU Connect.

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Getting started

How-to videos

Creating a project in REHAU Connect
Learn how to create with the new REHAU connect

Creating a configuration for a quotation request
Learn how to create a configuration and senda quotation request to a fabricator

Create an end consumer quote
Learn how to create a homeowner quote and send it directly to him

Confirm an order
Learn how to confirm an order for a fabricator.

Saving time by using pre-made…
Learn how to copy a project to save time and create a french window with the REHAU Connect configurator.

Engineering progress

Enhancing lives

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