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Rio windows leaves home looking flush

Life is now much sweeter for a Norfolk couple who are the first people to have REHAU’s Rio Flush Fit Windows installed in their home, fabricated by Climatec. Tim Whipps Windows worked wonders to replace the tired old windows in Mr and Mrs Farrell’s cottage, resulting in less maintenance and a more valuable looking property.

When Tim was first approached by homeowners Mr and Mrs Farrell, they were originally looking to replace their old externally beaded uPVC windows with a like-for-like replacement. However, after looking at the options for the standard casement windows, both Tim and the Farrells’ decided that actually this was not the best option. As a customer of Climatec for 10 years, Tim Whipps Windows exclusively installs REHAU window products due to their ease of installation and high quality. Tim took the couple through the new range of REHAU Rio Flush Fit Windows, as showcased in his Climatec brochure, which they agreed suited their property style better and didn’t compromise the quaint appearance of the cottage.

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Mr Farrell said: “It’s the best decision we’ve ever made; the windows look really good and, more importantly, expensive. They’ve added huge value to our home in so many ways.”

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The Rio Flush Fit Window is REHAU’s latest design of uPVC windows. It offers an alternative to traditional timber windows, with a realistic timber look and feel that blends in with the exterior structure. The sleek flush finish and authentic wood effect, means that the Rio Flush Fit not only retains the traditional looking windows that the homeowners wanted, but also offers the added benefits of durability, security, and energy efficiency of a uPVC window.

Mr and Mrs Farrell’s decision was further solidified by the colour options that the Rio had to offer. Where previously they had been restricted to just the white uPVC, being situated close to the road, the option for Pearl Grey would be easier to maintain compared to their older white windows. Tim stated that the initial feedback was a positive one, the Farrells were looking forward to replacing their old white windows with REHAU’s modern yet traditional looking Rio windows.

There were 12 windows in total to install, all pearl grey on white, and took approximately four to five weeks from the initial conversation to install. Tim used the fully welded jointing option, although Climatec also offer a mechanical joint and an External Timber Look (ETL) weld option. Despite it being the first time he had installed the Rio window, Tim was thrilled at how easy the installation process was. He said: “It’s just like any other REHAU casement window installation I’ve done, I was very impressed.”

John Banks, Product Manager at Climatec added: “Tim isn’t the first installer to praise the new Rio window and how it makes their lives easier by being based on the TOTAL 70 profile. It’s well known to be installer friendly and our customers have shown an encouraging interest in Rio.”

Upon reflection, Tim added: “I was very pleased with the outcome of the job and the way the windows looked in this property. Definitely one for my portfolio.”

He has since gone on to fit more of REHAU’s Rio Flush Fit windows and went on to say: “I have fitted more Rio windows since the Farrells’ and find them very easy to install. I would definitely recommend them, and this style of window suits a lot of properties found in Norfolk.’

Rio is continuing to gain traction across the UK as fabricators report that many REHAU installers are claiming it to be a much anticipated addition to their offering. 

Clare Higgins Product Manager at REHAU, commented: “Gone are the days when people had to rely on traditional and expensive materials for older, quaint properties like the Farrell’s cottage. Nor do they have to compromise on appearance if opting for more efficient and modern uPVC solutions. We’ve listened to what people want, and need, for the challenges of modern life and designed a product that not only makes properties look amazing, but also eases the lives of our loyal customer base through manufacture and installation. We can’t wait to share details of more projects.”

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