RAUKANTEX tools give you innovative solutions for every stage of the edging process.


You can use RAUKANTEX Foliex to remove protective foil quickly and easily from any edgeband.

RAUKANTEX Foliex is exceptionally easy to use, and requires minimal physical strength.

RAUKANTEX flush cutter

Using the RAUKANTEX flush cutter is the easy way to cut the excess off the upper and lower edgebands so they sit flush on straight or curved panel contours. It can also be used just like a flat scraper to remove adhesive residues. The RAUKANTEX flush cutter is easy to use and virtually silent.

Key features:

  • Removes adhesive residues (similarly to a flat scraper)
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise

Technical data:

  • Can be used to work on all standard edgeband materials (except PMMA)
  • Also suitable for edgeband materials with metal coatings or inserts (maximum protruding edge 1.5 mm)
  • Edgeband width: 19 to 45 mm
  • Max. edgeband thickness: 2 mm

RAUKANTEX external and internal planes

Once you’ve used the RAUKANTEX cutter to make sure the edgeband sits flush against the panel, you can use the RAUKANTEX external and internal planes to attach radii to straight sections, or to affix external/internal radii to the contours of the panel. These planes can also be used to remove chatter marks caused by using a surface grinder.

Key features:

  • Removes chatter marks caused by using a surface grinder
  • Easy to handle
  • Low noise

Items available:

  • RAUKANTEX cutter set
  • Spare parts: 2 mm/3 mm flat scrapers (Item numbers: 12478771001 / 12478171001)

Technical data:

  • Can be used to work on all standard edgeband materials (except PMMA)
  • Height of scraper can be adjusted to the required radius
  • Pre-milling required with the manual router for 3 mm radii.
  • Edgeband width: any
  • Edgeband thickness: 2 mm or 3 mm (depending on the scraper used)


With the RAUKANTEX cutter set, finishing RAUKANTEX PP, ABS or PVC edgebands is simple. Cutting away overhanging edgeband from straight contours as well as internal and external radii is no longer a problem.


  • RAUKANTEX cutter
  • RAUKANTEX external and internal planes
  • Two 2 mm scrapers


After milling radii with the RAUKANTEX external or internal planes, use the RAUKANTEX finisher.

The tool’s special mixture of sisal and textile fibres makes it ideal for smoothing edgebands, removing any tell-tale signs of processing, and cleaning away any extraneous material.

RAUKANTEX flap wheel

The RAUKANTEX flap wheel is used when there are sharp edges that need to be smoothed or rounded, for e.g. after processing with the RAUKANTEX cutter set or on special parts. Rounding and polishing gives the edgeband an immaculate, sophisticated look.

During this process excess adhesive residue is also removed, without damaging the edgeband’s decorative design or the surface of the panel. The flap wheel can be attached and used on any commercial drill.


  • Smooths and polishes for a high-end, immaculate-looking finish
  • Can be used for all standard edgeband materials
  • Adhesive residue is removed without damaging the material
  • High-performance, precise, high-quality


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