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Located next to Leigh-on-Sea, previously crowned Britain’s happiest place to live, the quaint town of Hadleigh in Essex recently welcomed in its newest housing development. With the new block of flats and penthouses overlooking the scenic Salvation Army Field, installers SGC Glass were under pressure to deliver a high-performing and appealing window solution that would do justice to the development’s excellent views.

LocationHadleigh, Essex
TypeHousing development
InstallersSGC Glass

TOTAL70 Range

When the team at Springfield Residential Limited (Springfield) were looking for eye-catching windows for their new Hadleigh build, it was clear that only the best would do. This ambition was further amplified by the architect’s demands for a specific design that would complement the surrounding scenery.

Such strict guidelines meant the company needed to be sure of any potential solution’s quality, and were just about to place an order elsewhere when they were approached by SGC Glass (SGC) and their eye-catching product solutions. Springfield’s Director, Dave Springfield, was particularly interested in SGC’s respectably priced REHAU TOTAL70 casement product offering that not only promised aesthetic appeal, but full functionality and low maintenance. 

Impressed with the products and pricing, Springfield placed an order the very next day. In total, SGC installed 103 casement windows, nine French doors and four arched universal casements, all in white uPVC. 

The development’s owners were keen to ensure that the modernity of the buildings was reflected in all aspects of its design. This included any window solution products, which needed to be energy and thermal efficient, yet cost-effective. As well as ticking these boxes, REHAU’s double-glazed window systems contained a compound which allowed for a smooth gloss finish. As a result, they require very little follow-up work, ensuring they continue to look and function as good as new for years to come.

Chris Cottage, Director of SGC Glass, noted that the developer was already aware of REHAU: “I don’t know what was in mind previously for the development, but as soon as we mentioned REHAU, Dave was very interested. He knew that REHAU produced good, high-quality windows, so he trusted us. 

“He was also very impressed with the price, as REHAU Windows are known for adding value to any build at a reasonable rate.”

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Instead of just replacing tired, old windows, SGC Glass found it refreshing to work on a clean new build that would complement the beauty of the surrounding area. The priority was to make sure everything suited the plan and to follow exactly what the architect had approved. To ensure that the developers were happy with everything that had been required, SGC were efficient in providing an install evaluation.

Chris was particularly taken with the simplicity of the installation process. He said: “It was a really nice hassle-free job, and ideally we would want to try and get more work like that. Besides the penthouse suites, many of the windows were repetitive in sizing and all in white – they were all two-bed flats with two sets of windows and doors each, so if adjustments were required, they were easy to make.”

In response, Dave was very pleased with the build: “Generally, the whole installation was very satisfactory. It took approximately two weeks to complete and we encountered no problems during the entire time. 

“It was exactly what we asked for and I would definitely recommend any of the REHAU TOTAL70 casement products in the future for any similar projects. I look forward to working with SGC Glass again.” 

Barry Gilligan, National Sales Director of Window Solutions at REHAU commented: “We have a longstanding relationship with SGC Glass, and we are proud of their professional and reliable installation service. The TOTAL70 range guarantees both aesthetically and performance pleasing results, and we are sure that the residents of the new Leigh-on-Sea development will be thrilled with the TOTAL70 range.”

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