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RE.GUARD - the smart water control

Keep your water pipes under control

Water damage occurs more frequently than you might think. A garden tap is left on, plugholes can easily get blocked up or pipes become damaged by corrosion, limescale or frost. It is no surprise that water damage is one of the most frequent claims reported to insurance companies1.

Using advanced technology, the RE.GUARD smart water controller minimises the impact of water damage by reliably intervening before the worst happens. Staying true to our motto: #expectmore


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Quick and easy to install
Compact design makes installation

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Everything under control
Automatic shut off in the event of
burst pipes and leaks.

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Unique security
High quality and sophisticated components for reliable.

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For all family homes or individual apartments - new build or renovation.

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How it works

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RE.GUARD detects burst pipes and leaks in pipework and monitors rooms using water sensors that can be placed anywhere.

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If leaks are detected, RE.GUARD shuts off the water supply and alerts you via the app.

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Costly water damage, mould, or time-consuming hassle with insurers can be easily prevented.

Wherever there is a need

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The optional RE.GUARD water sensors identify water leaks at critical points and can be conveniently placed anywhere in the house.

You can easily obtain additional RE.GUARD water sensors at any time from your plumber or from rehau.com/webshop.

Full control with the RE.GUARD App

Do you track your fitness? Why not track your plumbing? Train timetables, tomorrow’s weather forecast, the number of steps we have taken: we use our smartphones to manage many different aspects of our lives, with the RE.GUARD app, we can now also keep an eye on our water pipes - provided that your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

Everything at a glance and under control The RE.GUARD app lets you view all essential information relating to your water pipes. Not only is this useful when it comes to preventing major water damage – with the app, you also always know what shape your pipes are in. If leaks are detected, you are alerted via the app. RE.GUARD will automatically intervene and shut off the water supply. You can also use the app to conveniently shut off the water manually – for example, if you are going to be away from home for a long period of time.

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