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REHAU Looks to the Future at World of Windows 2022

REHAU has showcased a range of future-proof premium solutions at World of Windows 2022, with the launch of multiple new products for the UK market.


Exhibiting in Erlangen, Germany, until July 15, the event has seen the company offer exclusive insights into new developments such as the ARTEVO high performance window system and SLINOVA sliding patio doors.

Martin Hitchin, Chief Executive at REHAU, said: “Global megatrends continue to weigh in heavily on the development of new products, including the futureproofing of premium products and adding value to existing solutions. The fenestration industry is no exception, with fabricators and installers constantly looking for ways to enhance their portfolios and stand out in a competitive market.

“Within this, a desire for high-performance products that are both innovative and sustainable continues to be a key market driver for the sector. We have therefore developed new solutions to address these needs, including the ARTEVO and the SLINOVA. Both carry the EcoPuls label and are made from recycled materials, ensuring maximum sustainability through a circular economy of resources.”

REHAU’s ARTEVO system builds upon the foundations of the popular GENEO RAU-FIPRO-X range, introducing slimmer upstands on the outside with small radii and low angular inclination. The force zones integrated into the design provide increased performance and stability, making it easier to create larger sashes even without reinforcements.

The solution’s LowE foil insert makes the product suitable for Passivhaus projects, while its basic construction depth of 80mm forms a common platform with the proven SYNEGO system and new SLINOVA Patio door.

SLINOVA and SLINOVA X are new developments within the range of patio sliding solutions. The products are based on an 80mm platform and utilise the same frame profiles, offering increased transferability to a variety of applications. The latter’s RAU-FIPRO X material results in the slimmest interlock section ever in a polymer-based system, while maintaining energy-efficient performance.

Among the other developments on show is REHAU’s range of smart technology, including Smart Shading and Smart Privacy. The former’s intelligent pane automatically darkens in response to bright sunlight, offering effective protection against both UV rays and overheating. Meanwhile, Smart Privacy’s window is able to actively change from transparent to opaque within a few milliseconds, with customisable control of individual segments of the window.

Martin concluded: “We are delighted to debut our new range of solutions at World of Windows 2022. Sustainability and innovation have always been at the heart of our research and development. We want to give organisations the toolbox they need to further boost their portfolios, marketing services and sales support, and the solutions displayed at World of Windows will provide them with the best platform for doing so.

“In particular, we have no doubt that ARTEVO and SLINOVA will meet the unique demands of the UK market and will carry on the success of previous products, including the GENEO range.”

For more information on ARTEVO and SLINOVA, click here.

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