Bumper Systems

Our bumper systems not only define design elements of the vehicle, they also make pedestrians’ lives safer.

In recent decades, bumpers have developed from a simple impact protection component into significant design elements and high-tech safety solutions for cars. These functions are also combined in our systems. With the installation of the latest technology, our bumpers contribute to reducing the risk of accidents on the road. The integrated sensor technology such as parking sensors, a lane change assistant or short-range radar meets the highest technical demands. As form elements, our components characterize the design on the front and rear of the vehicle. REHAU develops and produces the complex systems autonomously and supplies the finished products ready for installation. We produce our components in over 500,000 variants (color options and features).


Distinguishing design and safety element

Bumper systems are significant functional and design elements of a car. In addition to the definitive configuration of the front and rear view, these components are also compliant with the highest safety standards. With the installation of highly complex technology, for example a lane change assistant or short-range radar, pedestrian protection is significantly improved.