Our exterior systems help to shape the external appearance of the car.

Our product range in the area of exterior systems extends from rear spoilers through rocker panels and wings to screens and covers. These diverse solutions meet the highest standards of design and safety requirements. We develop our exterior body parts for series models and for the broadest range of sports and off-road models. The challenge here is the perfect visual and functional integration of the component. The sustainability concept of our solutions includes optimum composition of the polymer material. We save weight and therefore reduce the fuel consumption of the car.

Rear Spoiler
Rear Spoiler

Rear Spoilers

Rear spoilers serve to improve aerodynamics. The diverse production options used at REHAU allow the broadest range of component designs as well as selection of an optimum and therefore economic production process.

Rocker Panels

Rocker panels guarantee a visually attractive vehicle finish between the wheel arches and protect the bodywork from stone chips.

Door Side Panels

These are a further development from body side moldings. The design freedom here is huge and extends from the robust off-road look to the premium chrome look. As such, this design element is also frequently used to differentiate between models.


These components are used on the boot lids of hatchbacks, estates, SUVs and vans. The opening button and number plate lighting are generally integrated here.

Plastic Wings

Plastic wings protect the bodywork and wheels from dirt. Inlays for fixing or other functions as well as optional reinforcing and connecting elements are glued or welded to the wing. Compared with a sheet metal wing, there are advantages here with respect to weight saving, avoiding corrosion and high level of design freedom.

Body Side Moldings

Body side moldings are design components, which protect the bodywork from damage. In addition to the popular fixing methods such as glue or clips, in-house developments are also used.

Wheel Arch Covers

Particularly on SUVs, an off-road look is desired with add-ons in black or a contrasting color. Despite the robust off-road look, these are extremely precise components with the tightest clearances.