Our sealing systems protect the vehicle interior from dirt, noise and rainwater.

Our solutions make a substantial contribution to a more comfortable ride. As functional parts, they not only prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and water from the roof, windows, windscreen and rear window, they are also captivating as a stimulating design element. Optimum production processes with internal process technology and our own tool making ensure high accuracy with respect to fit and seal with the adjacent components.

Inner belt line molding
Inner belt line molding

Window Channel Covers

Window channel covers can be found on the side doors of the vehicle and they close the gap between door panel flange and side window. With our optimum component design, the internal and external window channel covers protect the interior of the vehicle from noise emissions and dust ingress. Moreover, they ensure smooth movement of the side window and optimum window cleaning when opening and closing. In addition to components with functional properties, our product range also includes window channel covers with very high surface requirements.

Roof Profiles

Our know-how in the area of roof profiles lies in product design and production. The connection between safety related component functions, very high design demands and comfort optimization for the vehicle occupants results in a sophisticated profile cross-section design. In addition to component design, our competences also include procedural implementation of the innovative component concepts.

Windshield Retainers

Together with the glass industry, we develop various windshield retainers, which – as sealing frames – prevent degradation of the glass structure due to water, the formation of tolerances and gaps between the window and the bodywork, and the occurrence of wind noise. Even during component design, other functions are considered, such as ease of installation and subsequent protection of the window during transport to the car manufacturer.

Lower Finishers

The lower finisher is the connecting element between the vehicle windscreen and the radiator cover. The diverse requirements of the production process and the customer-specific supply chain are already incorporated during component design. In order to achieve precisely fitting solutions in the diverse windscreen shapes, our production uses flexible and highly innovative processes. In co-operation with the car and glass manufacturers, our components are developed to fit each vehicle windscreen.

Drip Rails

Drip rails essentially serve to ensure that rainwater falling on the windscreen is drained in a controlled way via the roof or engine bay. This reduces water streams in the field of vision on the side window and side mirror. Furthermore, the component aids the tolerance compensation between window and body and provides visual emphasis as a sophisticated design element. With a focus on the end customer, our system solutions are designed to be removable, so the windscreen can be replaced easily and without destroying the drip rail.