Our water systems create a clear view and fresh air.

Our products ensure optimum water transport in the cleaning process on the windscreen and rear window. Heated product solutions ensure functional water transport even in freezing temperatures. The air for the air conditioning system in the vehicle is also treated using our systems. Here, before entering the interior of the vehicle, the intake air is channeled through our air-water separation, where impurities such as dirt, water or ice are eliminated.

Windscreen Washer Units

The windscreen washer units allow cleaning of the windscreen, thus ensuring optimum visibility conditions for the vehicle driver. It includes fully pre-assembled hose line sets in different materials with connecting pieces, quick couplings, pumps and nozzles.

Water Separation Systems

Water separation systems provide the targeted removal of washing and rainwater from the vehicle and the efficient separation of water drops from the intake air, so the vehicle interior can be optimally supplied with fresh air. The components of the system are the upper and lower leaf screen cover, drain channels and grids. Delivery is possible as a preassembled component group (incl. cleaning nozzles/hoses and cable systems).