Marketing: Building Solutions Internship

Ashley Accardo

Growing up in the Leesburg area, I had friends at school whose parents worked in the automotive division of REHAU. That’s what I initially related with REHAU. But as I applied, I learned more about their other divisions and found it was a diverse and multi-faceted company. I initially wanted to apply because of its close proximity to my house, but as I looked into the job and did more research on the company, I came to realize there were a lot more awesome opportunities within REHAU.

I remember going home at the end of the first day and telling my parents how many people I met and how much I learned. My team was so welcoming, inviting and inclusive – from the first day they invited me to sit in on meetings and asked for my opinion. My supervisor, Katherine MacNevin, always came into work with a bright, positive attitude that made me feel comfortable enough to pop into her office and ask questions. This would lead to us brainstorming new ideas we could work on together.

I worked on a multitude of different projects. I created flyers and brochures in InDesign, conducted research on housing market trends and varying aspects of PEX, reached out to external companies for various tradeshows and more. It was a different day every single day and that was the most exciting part.

The highlight of my internship was working on our commercial campaign. We worked with an outside PR agency and I was able to be included in the research process and all of the meetings. As a PR major, it was awesome to be in the meetings and hear all of the words that I learn in class applied and used in the real world. During those meetings, the agency and my supervisor asked for my opinions and included me as an integral part.

You typically hear that interns just do busy work and don’t get to immerse themselves in projects, but I was pleasantly surprised to come to a company that really encourages you to grow as a professional as much as they want you to help develop the company. It was nice to know that I was being heard and listened to during my internship.

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