Integrated Handles

REHAU: Integrated Handles: Hidden Recessed 2 mm

Recessed 2 mm

The 2 mm REHAU integrated handle is almost invisible and combines exceptionally well with a flat profile. Also designed for upper cabinets doors.

REHAU: Integrated Handles: Complementary J Channel 32 mm

J Channel 32 mm

The 32 mm REHAU integrated handle features a visible channel in multiple finishes with metallic end caps.

All the details you need

2 mm32 mm


Appearance         Recessed profile (2 mm) or J channel (32 mm)
MaterialAnodized aluminum, multiple colors
End CapsAluminum, color matched

Size Parameters

Minimum Length12 in (304.8 mm)
Maximum Length109 in (2768.6 mm)


REHAU integrated handles are available in 4 matte colors perfectly complementing any modern design.

REHAU: Integrated Handles: Matte Anthracite Product Color


REHAU: Integrated Handles: Matte Black Product Color


REHAU: Integrated Handles: Matte Champagne Product Color


REHAU: Integrated Handles: Matte Silver Product Color


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