Glass Design Edgebanding

Visions V-edge

Two-Tone Edgeband

V-edge edgeband, a particular highlight within the Visions range, simulates the look of aluminum or stainless steel beneath a thin sheet of glass. When combined with a matching high-gloss laminate, V-edge creates the appearance of a real glass surface. The split design feature allows high-gloss and matte finishes to be incorporated within one edgeband, resulting in the impression that the surface and the top section of the edgeband is one solid piece. The new super high-gloss design is ideally matched to the glossy surfaces of board manufacturers.

  • Combines the design of glass with the processing advantages of polymer
  • Combines glass and metal design to give the impression of a mounted glass plate
  • Looks like real glass, but weighs less than real glass and will not break
  • Transparent carrier material is colored in glass color shades
  • Available in 1.3 mm thickness
  • Available in 23 and 45 mm widths
  • Production runs are available to match custom colors


Illusions of Glass

Glass is synonymous with clarity, light and openness. With Visions edgeband, REHAU achieves the unique appearance of real glass using a lightweight, robust polymer.

We create the illusion of depth by applying a decorative print to the underside of transparent PMMA material. When thsi material is radiused or beveled, it diffuses light in the same way as real glass. The combination of Visions edgeband with matching boards or laminates achieves the appearance of a real sheet of glass.

  • Three-dimensional depth gives a transparent and translucent effect
  • Edge becomes a transparent highlight
  • Available in 2 mm thickness
  • Available in 23, 45 and 54 mm widths