Bicentenario Tower in Mexico

Bicentenario Tower in Mexico, OFIVIC using REHAU edgeband for all office furniture

The governor Mr. Eugenio Hernández Flores is about to inaugurate the governmental Bicentenario tower that will be house of the state services and will be an icon of the modern government who is being assembled in Tamaulipas State.

It is important to emphasize that the finantial costs of this new building was carfully calculated, so it will be amortized in a lapse of eight years. This was done to avoid the state government continuing making payments of renting spaces for their public offices.

In the new governmental tower will be located six State's Departments and a total of 3 thousand 300 public servants from Rural Development, Environmental Agency for the Viable Development, Tourism, Tamaulipas Educational Department, Economic and Administrative Service Development Department will be relocated.

This construction has a total area of 30 thousand square meters, of which 24 thousands of them will be occupied by offices of the state government, distributed in a ground floor, mezzanine, 21 floors of offices, a terrace in which a restaurant will be located, a dining room for public servants and a heliport.

In the ground floor 38 modules were intsalled, where six public departments will offer general attention to the public. This allowing the public to get a single point as a central service unit without the necessity to move to other places of the city to receive these services, reducing times and costs.

Additionally, the Bicentenario Tower counts with six elevators, emergency exits and modules of sanitary services for men and women in each one of the floors, as well as with a closed monitoring system of video in all the building. The access towards the floors will be restricted and it will be only allowed authorized personnel.

In the terrace a restaurant is located and will give attention to the public in general, as well as working as a dining room for the public servants. This restaurant can take care of 150 people simultanously and will have also a heliport which was constructed with the engineering specifications required for its operation and Civil Aeronautics operation.


Bicentenario Tower

Scope of Project

OFIVIC used REHAU edgeband in many different colors and sizes in the office furniture of the Bicentenario Tower.

REHAU Systems UsedSpectraEdge rigid and thin edgeband, RAUBOND Adhesive, and Melamine edgband
LocationTamaulipas, Mexico, Mexico
Type of ProjectMixed Use
REHAU LaserEdge

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