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When the Emphasis Is on Looks, RAUVISIO Crystal Is the Choice

At ESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa in New Haven, Connecticut, physicians Deborah Pan and Javier Davila provide sophisticated aesthetic care, helping patients enhance and maintain a natural youthful beauty. Their service is all about appearance, so it was not surprising when the physicians decided to open a second facility in Guilford, Connecticut, in 2017, the look and feel of the new center was given high importance.

The new surgery center features a procedure room, two kitchens and a reception area. As with all medical facilities, there are numerous cabinets for storing the equipment and materials necessary for the surgical procedures the doctors provide. The high-gloss RAUVISIO crystal™ Bianco was selected for all 76 cabinet doors in the Guilford facility.

“The fact that they used the one product throughout is unique,” says Jeff Carter, owner of The Westmount Group, LLC, a West Haven-based cabinet maker and fabricator that completed the work for the new surgical center. “Being plastic surgeons, the owners wanted everything to look great. The gloss of RAUVISIO’s finish and its affordability make it a no-brainer. I don’t know of another product that meets those two guidelines so well. It’s a sexy gloss finish that looks very European.”

Carter says the new facility features 500 sq ft of RAUVISIO crystal, which provides the sleek shine of glass in a lighter-weight, durable polymer. Board edges are finished with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge that is applied using the latest adhesive-free laser or hot-air machine technology. The resulting seamless boards have the elegance and quality of glass with a flawless finish. Carter says his in-house installers liked working with the material. “The face appears delicate, so we felt we had to be a bit more careful while installing, but our guys didn’t have any problems.”

One of the best features of RAUVISIO, Carter adds, is the ability to match color if a cabinet door has to be replaced for any reason. “Two years from now, if there is a door that gets damaged, we just call up and we get the same color. They don’t yellow. They don’t change. If I have to add more cabinetry, it’s not going to be a problem getting the same color.”

ProjectESANA Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa
Project TypeOffice remodel, completed in 2017


Litchfield Builders, Inc.

DistributorAtlantic Plywood

The Westmount Group

REHAU ProductsRAUVISIO crystal™ with perfectly matched REHAU LaserEdge™ technology

PhotographyIan Christmann